Monday, September 06, 2021

Trucker got Traffic Ticket

I’ve already been cleared of one person who was a big part of my daily life. I’m looking at you, Derrick! Why not keep the momentum going and get rid of a bunch more energy vampires? I’d a conversation with a person that I talked with often. It was long overdue that I cut this person out my existence. I got frustrated and let this person get to my head. As I was in the midst of the frustration, I got pulled over. By the Highway Police. Great! The lady officer even called me on the loudspeaker haha. Awkward. 

What had happened was... I was approaching the truck scale in Southern California. I got a pass just before the entrance. I therefore didn't need to enter the scales, but lots of trucks in front of me were slowing down tremendously. Speeds in scale houses are like 5/10/15 mph. I'm on the freeway where speed is 55mph. I decided to change lanes and get on the second lane from the right. Turns out, I missed the sign that said trucks right lane only. That sign was obscured by the trucks that were going into the scale. Officer didn't like what I did. At all. There were still two more lanes to my lane for regular traffic. I was going to go back to the right lanes, soon as I passed the scale entrance but the law is the law. California doesn't make money by you being reasonable and using logic. They make it from you missing the sign and making one wrong turn at the right time. 

I apologized to her. She took all my licenses and stuff, wrote me a ticket and sent me on my merry way. Something about that moment was so freeing to me. In that very moment, I knew that I was not going to be in my head again about the person I talked to prior to the happening. The energy that was exuding draw that weirdness toward me. I pulled over at the nearest rest stop. Apologized to the person if I said anything to hurt their feelings and wished them a nice day. I knew it was good bye for good. If I'm talking to you, then I apologize out of the blue. Be very afraid!

 I never spoke to this person again.

I had a few months to pay the ticket. The company said that they could pay it for me and let me owe them, pay them pack in installment. That was nice but why don't I just pay this ticket myself once and for all? My manager kept explaining how it's such a perk that the company would give me an advance. But for what? That's just postponing the inevitable! I have the money to pay for the ticket today. Why wait? 

I was going to have to drive all the way to the Bakersfield court, that's hours from where I was based. I don't go to Cali often, so it had to wait. I had three months to pay the ticket. Luckily, I got to be in town within that period. I dropped the truck, showered, made my way to Bakersfield. 

Court Selfie

I had never been to this court, or probably any American court, other than the Judge Judy court show and Hot Bench, haha! Oh and Divorce court! All being TV shows for those who aren't familiar. I was there early. I lingered about until it was my turn. I asked them not to take a point from my driver license as a result of the ticket. They told me they'd do me that favor. I then paid it in full and headed back south. It was a success. I don't even consider it a traffic ticket situation. I consider it more a peace of mind situation. Something about being pulled over that day made it final for me to free myself of dead weight I'd been carrying around. 

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