Wednesday, September 15, 2021

I smell Rat in my truck!

It was three am, when I woke up to a rat in my truck. First, it was sounds of things moving around; naturally, I got up, turned on the light and boom! I made eye contact with this grey, four legged creature with big ears. What in the heck! I screamed as softly as I could and jumped up, heading for the door! The rat was in the shelf above the microwave, pictured on this blog. I tell ya, I felt wide awake in that moment! Adrenalin rush is real! I almost fell out of the truck from my knees getting so weak. I know it's just a rat but I'm just telling you what happened. I was so freaked, I needed someone to come get this thing out of my "apartment". The younger trucker's truck was still behind mine, so I went and banged on his doors, no answer! Windows, no answer! Come on! Your windows are open! Anyway. I even called him, nada! Mh kay! I then called the last person I wanted to talk to again. The guy who took me to lunch. He picked up immediately and sounded like it was 3pm. I'm like, you weren't sleeping? He told me he wasn't, he wakes up early. I told him about my predicament. I was in my nightgown, couldn't even go back into that truck to get clothes, lest there are more where that came from. 

Lunch guy came over right away. Bless his heart! He was dressed in full regular clothes. It's as if we were from different time zones, he and I. I mean, we probably were. He had complimented me on my boobs the day before, so I found myself folding my arms right in front of them the whole time he was there that morning. It's an uncomfortable / sexual harassment thing to comment on a woman's breasts. Why don't you go ahead and compliment her on her vagina as well while you're at it? He stood right next to me as I was scared but wouldn't go inside, even though he had come to help. I ended up grabbing a stick or something to see if I can scare the rat and get it out of the truck, he freaked so out. Dude! He was more afraid of it than I was! I don't know why this guy even came! But I'm glad he did. 

The stuff I got from my late trucker friend got moused

I called my sister after I let the guy go and told her all about it. Eventually, the shop opened, I had a new issue to report to them. The guy who I am friendly with from the shop was concerned. He and his coworker, nice guy as well, promised to take care of it. My truck needed to be fumigated. Oh gosh! New problem! They were going to use some oxygen system to try and get all the rats that may be in there to die. I packed a small bag, grabbed my technology, gratitude journal and got out. I have my standard things that I take with me whenever the truck goes into the shop. It does so so often that, I have my own routine. I saw the young guy and confronted him for leaving me out to die. He told me he's a deep sleeper. He invited me into his truck. I get invited into people's trucks more than I would like. I will usually at least take a peak cos I like to see how others live in these mobile homes. Young one's truck was much more homelier than I had expected. He told me that he trains other drivers, so he likes to make his truck comfy for them when they join him for a month. 

We talked about random stuff, he told me about his wife of five years. What? You're married! That long! Wow! Eventually, I got my truck back. They promised me the rat(s) should be dead if they're still in the truck. I had a feeling that was not the case, but had to be positive. Right? I don't work nights if  I can help it, so I was going to spend at least one more night in Salt Lake. Guy from the shop asked to take me to dinner. Look at me all popular! Indoor dining wasn't allowed, so we ate in the parking lot of the restaurant in his car. I really enjoyed his company. Not in a romantic way, but he's a cool guy to be around. Of all the outings and eatings I'd been the doing, this was the one I enjoyed the most. I'm glad he didn't, like, try to kiss me and make it weird. 

That evening, I got a voicemail from the guy who took me out. He confronted me about talking about him to the younger guy. I felt nauseous. Not to be sexist but there’s something about men who are snakes. Why is this a$$hole throwing me under the bus? For what gain? I feel like when someone tells you something not nice they heard about you, the person telling you is the snake. That's the person who's hurting your feelings. Not the one who talked behind your back. Also, for you to just believe this person when you don't know the tone the story was told in or context. Maybe I'm being biased and defensive, but this is how I've always felt. When someone comes to me to sell someone else out, I look at the seller really sideways. What a snake! That's the person I end up not trusting, I mean, both but definitely the one who is a sell out.  When I did see Young one again, I asked about that. He told me he was being a friend and being protective by telling that guy that he made me uncomfortable. I told him I had specifically told him what I was sharing was not to be shared with anyone else cos I don't wanna get killed. Why was it so important for him to be protective to me by disregarding my wishes and concerns? What kind of protectiveness is that, snake? He stuck to his fake story. I changed the subject and left, blocked his number. I also blocked the one who confronted me. Not before I sent him a long text telling him that I was disappointed that he bought the story the guy told him even though he, himself had told me that that guy was a liar and he couldn't stand him. I was like, so you weren't telling the truth then then. If you believed him over me, without verifying with me. What I told the young guy is what I told you in the previous blog. The guy made me uncomfortable! But that didn't need to be reiterated to him! For what purpose? Men, acting like women! No offense women! 

I went to bed feeling good. The only new number I had on my phone was of the 3rd guy. Two of them had already been blocked. This is not abnormal in my life. I woke up in the wee hours of the morning from the sounds of rats in the roof of my truck

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