Tuesday, September 07, 2021

Life on the Road in Pictures.

Taking it in stride in Kansas

Hershey's always gives us our choice of two candies, so I picked two I had never had before. Too sweet for my liking

 Truck Driving gloves

Vegetarian double burger in coconut flour bun

Feeling myself in my Truck sleeper berth


This happened. In the wee hours of the morning

Somewhere in Illinois

Feeling Skinny

New Year's eve over the road

Derrick treated us to Mediterranean. I love Falafel 

Tofu upon tofu upon... 

Nails always be did

Vegetarian: Tofu noodles and veggie meatballs

You're welcome toe and foot fetishers


Derrick's awesome cooking

Door Mat; something I am not

Hard Hat Blue collar AF

Truck cooking. Instapot

My little closet. It stays neat!

If you follow me on Social, you know this is a fave pose

clean laundry

Buffet, I took Derrick. Tastes just as it looks

meal preppin
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