Saturday, September 18, 2021

A fly on the wall

 About the explosion! I’m getting back into my new truck from doing post trip inspection. Turns out, the spare fire extinguisher was right under the passenger’s seat. I balanced on that seat as I lifted myself up to get into the truck. My weight caused the extinguisher to release its contents! at the time, I’d no idea what in the world was going on! I continued to rest on the passenger seat and prop myself up. The powder kept spraying out of the fire extinguisher. I was freaking out! What on earth is going on! It looked like it was coming from my sleeping area. I was so confused and frustrated. This is my new truck that looks as good as brand new. Now this!

Fire Extinguisher powder

I try to be more positive in the way I view things but I remember how low I let my emotions go that moment. It was such a build up over the previous few days! I took a video with the powder still all over the truck, up in the air and everything and saved it for in case. I then called head office to request that they put me in a hotel. The guy who picked up had such a calming voice. He was just what I needed at the time. He booked me a room right across the street from the truck stop. He also told me to look up places that detail trucks and the company would pay to have mine cleaned. What a relief! I was under the impression I’d have to clean it myself. I’m so used to doing my own dirty work that, that’s my default. 

I wasn’t going to spend another moment in that truck! I packed an overnight back, locked up the truck and walked to the motel 6 across the street. They gave me my key. The area looked unsafe, so I locked all the locking things up and hoped for the best. Then I saw a fly! It was ginormous (she said). I tried to kill it. Yuck! But then I saw another one, and, in the words of DJ Khaled; another one! Whoa! This room is fly infested! Gross! I went back to reception and asked to be moved. She put me in another room and told me that flies are such a problem in the summer in that part of town blah blah blah but to let her know if I didn’t like that room either. I made a promise to myself to just like the next room. Regardless. 

I didn’t have much of an excited feeling as I passed suspicious looking people who had congregated under the stairs, on my way to my second room. I stepped in, the bedding looked a little stained but the lighting was such that you couldn’t tell for sure. Very smart! I took off the suspicious bedding and threw it on the floor to make a carpet out of it. 

More on that in upcoming blog. Gotta go pick up a load!

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  1. It’s a good thing you didn’t have to clean up all the mess. I’m glad you are safe, the messy rooms eww

  2. It is a good thing that I didn’t have to but I may have ended up doing so! #SpoilerAlert