Sunday, September 12, 2021

iowa 80- Largest Truck stop in World

Weight loss progress picture
Every beginning of the year, I check in with myself, don't we all. I do the whole run down of physical, spiritual and emo. Physical, of course include weight for me, as this is something I monitor very closely. Simply because I have to! I have since lost more weight since the above picture was taken. For those who are on a weight loss journey, do I notice that sometimes you may not lose weight on the scale (duh!) but over time, you will get smaller in inches? I have noticed this over the years as I get to know how my body works.

Just truckin'

Automatics are some of the best things since sliced bread. Goodbye clutch balance!

Iowa 80
This was my first time at the largest truck stop in the world. It's in Iowa State, along the i80 freeway. It's a T/A truck stop. It looks like a real travel center inside, with statues, a giant truck hanging from the ceiling

 Lots of trinkets for mementos.
Iowa 80

I paid to use their massage chair

 Did I buy anything? No. Not that time. Their parking spots, like most TA's and Petros (same group) are easy to get into. 

I found a parking spot, shut my curtains, walked around, took pics, refilled my water gallons, back into truck and TV shows. Once the curtains are shut, it's after word and I'm home. The inside of my truck looks the same, regardless of the ever changing views on the outside. The curtains are solid black, they completely shut the world outside.

Refilling my low oil, which was a first

I've done my own oil refilling in a regular car and always check all fluids etc during my pre-trip inspection of the truck. This was the first time I had low oil. I was at one of the company terminals, I wanna say I was in Tennessee but maybe Colorado. (wow! Thanks autocorrect, I was of the impression Tennessee was spelt with an  I somewhere). The blue fluid is windshield washer. That gets low often, sometimes bugs, bird poop, etc.

Somewhere in Utah. 

Nice and relaxing rest area. I have never spent the night here but I liked stopping whenever I was around. Not just for the selfies.

My very stylish mom on her way to church. Thanks fam for sending me this! 

Just another Selfie
My collarbone is one of my prized possessions. Thanks to my significant weight loss

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