Sunday, May 29, 2022

Trucks, Plains and Automobiles. California to Washington, Via Arizona

Here’s a story I haven’t told on the blog. Press play then send hugs

I talked to my landlady about my new venture ahead. I was sad to be leaving so soon. I had already taken a liking to my new housemates, i.e. landlord and his wife. She told me I was welcome back anytime, I may have shed a tear. She gave me gift, lots of gifts and a suitcase to put them in.See this video for what exactly I got! Tom, the landlord wasn't home, so I was going to miss him, or he was going to miss me! It's also all systems go with my pre-prepared meals for the week ahead. We're taking it with me to Washington! If you think I'm going to throw away good enough food, you'd better think again, my friend. You know what happened when I was uhm expelled. I took that food along with me to two different homes. And I didn't even know where I was going to end up! Why wouldn't I fly across two states with freshly prepared meals to a hotel that I know will have a refrigerator? I know this because I called in advance and asked. 

I committed to working the Washington for minimum of a month. The deal was that I was going to be put in a hotel but there would be times where I would have to spend the night in the truck. What that meant was that I had to also pack as though I was going to live in the truck full time. That's a different kind of animal to staying in a residence and traveling to work daily. All that AND I had cooked food to take with me as well! Man! Also, I like to prepare my own meals, what's gonna happen when I'm out there? I don't want to have to buy fast food. these were all real concerns I didn't have that much time to entertain but had to. By the way, my car wasn't going to be able to stay at Tom's (my landlord) because I had told them I was moving out.

This meant adding doing laundry to my list of things to do the morning of my departure. Where was I going to park my freaking car? I couldn't just leave it in the street by Tom's because, what if they have a new tenant who needs the spot And there's the issue of street sweeping. Who was going to move my car for me when the street was being cleaned? Gosh! This is where friends and family comes in... I have neither. Family, yes, in Africa. Friends = 0 period.

I remembered that my previous trucking job has plenty of parking where lots of truckers leave their cars for as much as months at a time. I took a chance and dropped my car off there. My car should be familiar to security, hopefully they didn't know I was let go, dear goodness! The temp agency that I was now working 'for' arranged for a ride to take me to the airport. I told them to pick me up at the ex company yard. Sleep, wake up, laundry, more packing, say good-byes to gorgeous roommates downstairs, not the poop guy, cos he wasn't around, plus, whatever! Drive to yard, drop car full of all my belongings, Uber, Airport, Layover in Phoenix, Arizona.

I met up with a friend in Arizona. It's an guy someone I know online dated several years ago. They never got to meet but I did. Twice to date! First, was when I moved in with the homicidal woman in Salt Lake city, her husband and their daughter, and now. Dude was nice enough to accommodate me with a less than 24 hour notice. He lives in Phoenix. He was the only person not wearing a mask in that freaking airport and he talks so loud so that automatically draws attention to him. He also says off beat sht. I remember when I first hung out with him. We were in a restaurant and he said something about having been celibate for a decade, but he said it so loudly! I don't get embarrassed, so, I thought thought it must've been an interesting overhear to the folks around. We caught up and then I flew to Spokane. Some of the interesting stuff he told me about his business ventures is in this video. It's also a tour of the hotel room I was going to stay in.Press play below.

How do you like my hair...?

I also tell you about the interesting seating arrangements I was part of on the two flights from California to Washington state in the above video.

I waited for what felt like forever at the airport for my ride to the hotel. The staff was friendly and welcoming. The hotel was a bit of a dump but the rooms looked decent. And I saw some interesting people around the hotel from my windows and in the hallways / elevator. Nothing like the pervert guy I posted about in this video. But the night was still young.

I let the boss of the Mail delivery job I was in Spokane for know that I had arrived. It had been a long day for me, I was ready to go to bed but I would have wanted to know what my schedule was going to look like for the following day. 

I scraped the bathtub, took a bubble bath, went to bed. 3 hours later, ring ring! My boss asked me he needed me at work right away, he was on his way to pick me up from the hotel himself...

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  1. Hi BB,
    So from the West Coast to the East.
    You are blessed, you get the help you need just when you need it.
    I realise you are not sharing near real-time and I understand why.
    I have to keep remembering, your news is not a couple of days behind.

    Those tight turns in your🤗 I would have chosen the kerb too, sign post damage is way too messy.

    Good to hear that they are trying to get business back to usual, your loud friend without his mask, sounds funny.
    I hope Washington is treating you well and the jobs there a less stressful than on the West coast.
    It's wise to be reluctant on the Investment side of things, lots of ideas, not all of them great.

    As you said, food is life, eat well, rest well and be safe out there honey.
    Much Love. 🤗