Monday, May 30, 2022

Mail Delivery | Team No Sleep

  So, my new boss is hot! i.e. handsome and tall. California guy lookswise. Not necessarily my type, just saying! It was around 11pm that I first met him. He had asked me to go to work even though I had just had an entire day of traveling across a couple of states. I tried to reason with him but he told me that they really needed me. Someone had just quit. I don't know if it's quitting or AWOLing if it's at the time of your shift. I was adamant that I was in no condition to drive that night from how tired I was. One thing about truck driving,

you tell them you're tired, no matter how urgent the appointment is, they have to let you rest. Even if it means they have to find someone else to take the load from you. Tell you what, they make more than enough money to afford all that and more. Trust me! I freshened up and went to the hotel lobby where boss came to pick me up in his car. I was taken to the company yard where I was going to pick up the truck to take to the Post office Distribution center. That's where all your mail box scheduled pickups and the mail you drop off at your neighborhood USPS gets sorted and ... you guessed it! Distributed.

I didn't think a town like Spokane would have such a ginormous establishment. Then again, I knew nothing about Spokane. I had only ever driven through there to heaven knows where. The truck I was picking up had a story attached to it, so they had to wake up a driver who was sleeping in his designated truck. The whole thing was so disorganized and such a horrible first impression. I almost immediately understood why they had to ship a temp agency driver all they way from California, aka Me. They were paying a lot more to have me there than they would their own driver. Poor guy eventually woke up, shirtless, they told him to grab his shit, he was being taken to a hotel. He got out of there with a couple plastic bags with bananas and shoes sticking out. Talk about a rude awakening! I apologized as I introduced myself.

I was told not to worry about doing pretrip inspection; the truck was hardly cold from being driven by the sleeping guy. Fine! Not really, but ok! It was an international. Not my personal fave, but a lot was happening, I just prayed for safety at that point. We sat in the boss' car while he oriented me to  how things work and showed me their app and whatnot. It was a lot and I am a morning person, trying to operate half awake at almost midnight. Drove the truck to USPS and met a guy there. I was introduced to a lot of people! One or two females and way too many men! Not a problem. Just saying! The guy was going to drive and I was supposed to shadow him, so to speak. It's midnight, they pun wasn't lost on me.

The guy was nice enough and he explained a lot. Seemed like someone who had trained many a person before. He didn't let me drive at all that night, thank goodness. I guess it was that important that I get trained while I was half asleep. I don't get it. The following day, I worked with that guy again. This time, we went elsewhere in a box truck (lorry). It was a little confusing as to what exactly I was being trained for but I went along. 

Going back to the hotel in the wee hours of the morning. The ladies at reception would be like, wow, you're working already! I be like, gurrrrllll! Let me tell you! 

I ate a lot of bananas from reception. The restaurant was closed due to the C word, so we grabbed stuff from reception. I was a freshly minted vegan, so I was enjoying eating things I hadn't dabbled in for a while due to previous carnivore diet. 

Did I just get placed in a night shift? It's gonna be a long month! Mama doesn't do well driving at night

Till next time! 

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1 comment:

  1. Hi BB.
    Truck driving is definitely a male dominated world.
    It's admirable how you ladies hold your own out there.
    Good to hear that the release words "I'm tired" are taken seriously.
    The States has the road size for trucks with a good amount of designated stops/resting spots, the UK, not so much and the road are way smaller, with the exceptions of the motorway.
    They're building the road infrastructure here in TZ, slowly but surely.
    Hope you've had and continue to get, more daylight jobs.
    Final words, try to keep your eyes above the waistline.🙂😉