Tuesday, July 12, 2016

Mt San Jacinto

Quick side note! When there were no jobs during the Hiatus, I took a picture of a stack of money and made in my screensaver hoping to draw a stack of money into my life somehow; to pay for January's bills! I mentioned this here. Long story short, Calvin gave me a stack of Hundred dollars as my Christmas gift. When I got home, as I was taking out those bills from my wallet, because it was just too stuffed; I looked at it and realized that that was the answer to my wish of getting a stack of money before the end of the year! Moral of the story! Be careful what you wish for, kids!

How I manifested stacks of Cash

After the New Year's Eve sleepover, we made our way to Palm Springs. I had never been. I had told Calv that I would like to visit Palm Springs, Santa Barbara and Vegas (again) sometime. He told me because San Bernardino is on the way to Palm Springs, let's spend New Year's day there. It's only a two hour drive from LA.

We headed out around 7am if not earlier. We started off at a 7/11 around the corner from the house.

The party house and my shadow

Calvin wanted coffee. I bought Kit Kat, one white chocolate and dairymilk. Kit Kat has become somewhat of a favorite of mine lately. Pity I didn't get the role when I auditioned to be in a Kit Kat commercial back in Johannesburg! Calvin had a sandwich and coffee outside 7 eleven. Thereafter, we headed out. But first! A Selfie!

Happy New Year everybody!

I had on my new silver necklace that I won with other stuff from The Talk. Do you watch that show? If so, who's your favorite host?

The necklace
It was a nice drive on the I10 Freeway to Palm Springs. No traffic at all! It was also not too hot as it was Winter.

We passed a bunch of windmills which remind me of the movies. 

Windmills on the way to Palm Springs
There were lots of them! On either side of the freeway! As you can see, we're in the desert already! Calvin said we should start off at Mt San Jacinto (pronounced (Ha seen to)and ride a cable car. That was interesting because my niece was in Cape Town with my sister for the Festive season. They had gone to Table Mountain and my niece had just recently sent me pictures of them in a cable car. I was like, I'm down! Let's do it!

It's so cold up those mountains, in fact, there was snow on them! No snow in LA and here we are, less than two hours away and there's snow! We parked at the bottom-ish and took a shuttle up the mountain to the cable car.

It was so cold, we put on layers of clothes before we left the car. Everyone did! 

Our Tickets to Mt San Jacinto

50 years of WOW! Lol, this is my first time seeing that!

Man made waterfall in Mt San Jacinto

While waiting for our turn to ride the cable car, we took pictures. I will show you more later, if I find them. I'm kind of in a hurry.

In my Amazing Guess boots (fur inside); Calvin in his Sneakers I bought him for Christmas

I promise you my pants are much longer than that. I think they were tucked in because we got dressed in the car.

We walked around the shows, checked out the gift shop etc, didn't find anything we liked.

A lot of people, especially with kids, hiked this hill

I didn't feel like hiking anything, we just chilled and waited. Eventually...!

Mt San Jacinto Cable car

Let's go! I felt like I was in Table Mountain all over again! That was a very special time in my life. This and Cape town. It was my first time in the city and I had always wanted to visit. I knew I would love it and I did. I'm talking about Cape Town. 

We went very high up the mountain
Some people were freaking out. It wasn't so bad but understandably so!


We got off at the top and had lunch at one of the restaurants. One restaurants had such a long line! I was curious what they were serving there but Calvin is never one to wait. We found a cute restaurant in the corner with a nice view. They all had a nice view! They were on the top of the mountain after all.

Our waiter was a cute silver fox. I asked if he's a model or an actor. He told me he used to be both when he was younger. Apparently, he's much older than he looks. Nice guy, with pretty teeth, the whole nine.

Giant burger for lunch

I ordered the burger because I felt like it. I hadn't eaten all day, other than the kit kats, so I was hungry, I guess. We split the burger halfway and it was still enough. Calvin ordered Tuna.

Delicious Tuna Steak

I had a pretty drink as usual.

I think it was a fruit cocktail shake

Everything was delicious, the service was good. A couple of photos before we head to our final destination, Palm Springs...

Outside the restaurant

I told you it was cold! Look at all that ice!

Back on the round again! Mt San Jacinto is part of Palm Springs, so short drive to our hotel. 

Till next time! 

Thanks for reading!


Unknown said...

This so looks like cape Town. I am sure you felt nostalgic. Now you can see Cal's sneakers are not size 6. They really looked small in that pic you took on your earlier blog 😉

Brook said...

It does, doesn't it! His shoes are a size 12 US, which is a UK 10.
I did feel nostalgic, I actually ended up making a side by side picture of me on the cable car and my niece in Cape Town on the cable car. She thought they both looked like they were taken in the same place

Unknown said...

Well you had a little bit of home at least. Really looks like CT.
Oh that Tramway reminds me of Tramway Street in Joburg South.

Brook said...

Tramway reminded me of bus company in Uitenhage. Back when we lived in the Farm.