Thursday, July 14, 2016

Palm Springs Arts Museum

Hello! I wanted to do a quick update before I get started with my day. Hopefully, I will be able to post once more this afternoon.

Great sleep in Palm Springs after such a hectic day! The following morning, we woke up nice and refreshed and headed out for breakfast. Some people do a day trip to Palm Springs because it's only two hours from LA. I'm glad Cal booked us a hotel. I can now say, I spend the night in Palm Springs. It's a dream come true!  What would be another dream come true would be to own property there!

We drove downtown for breakfast. No more buses, haha! Been there, done that! We went to this adorable diner, that looks like something from the movies. All the stuff had cute butts, I even complimented our waiter. He told me he'd been doing squats. Good for him! It showed! I had caviar for the first time. It was delicious. Intense, but I liked it.

Breakfast with caviar (the black stuff)

I had some of my food and tried some of Cal's. Then Desert!

Crepes with Strawberry Sauce

I enjoyed all the food! What's not to enjoy, right? Thanks to our trip to Palm Springs, I can now check Frog Legs and Caviar off my list of things to try!

We walked around and did more sight seeing in the daylight. There are a lot of boutiques on the main street. We also saw Ben & Jerry's ice cream store. Calvin loves ice cream, he wanted to go get some. I was full, I didn't want to walk around with melting ice cream. I told him to go ahead but he was discouraged because I didn't want any. I saw Lisa Van der Pump's star again. I wasn't even looking for it this time, but I had to take another picture in the daylight. 

The night before

I wanted to check out the Museum before we left. It had nice reviews, so, why not? Calvin wasn't feeling the idea. He told me that's boring. It's for old people. Well....! You wanna date an older woman! That's what you get boo! I just went with it. I can't force someone to be interested in something they are not interested in. That was going to be my reason to make another trip to Palm Springs by myself so I can do the things I want to do. My thing about traveling is that when you're somewhere, go to all the places you have always wanted to go. Plan beforehand and then go to as many places as you like. If there's a restaurant people always rave about, check it out, otherwise, eat at Mc Donald's but check out all the places that make that town that town! You know what I mean? I like to experience things and see as much as possible, food, we can eat something later, unless, there are things that are only special to that town. Like when I went to San Francisco, I had to try their seafood and clam chowder, so I did!  That's where Calvin and I are different, he likes to go hiking, camping and to eat. Those are all things I'm down for, not so much hiking, but I'll do it. I'm not gonna stay at the foot of the mountain and take pictures of you while you're experiencing life! I'll hiking up that mountain, if that's the last thing I do in that vacation. Calvin wanted to go hiking when he saw a bunch of people hiking up a mountain to some reservoir, or something in Palm Springs. We weren't prepared because we didn't plan beforehand what we were going to do in town. He never wants to plan things, he says that he is always planning work related stuff especially for his business, when he's on vacation, he likes to play things by ear. I like to plan to ensure that I cover everything. He likes to eat, he's a foodie, always looking to eat different cuisines, etc. I like that, because, I am that way too, but that doesn't take over everything else for me.

We went back to the hotel collected our stuff, went to take some pictures by the pool before we headed out. Calvin smoked a Cigar, I didn't even know he had some with him! I remember going to a cigar store downtown but I didn't see him buying anything. 

We got some good shots, I'll show you later, if I find them. Bye hotel! 

On our way out of town, Calvin decided to stop and go to the museum with me. I was over it but I didn't want to let that ruin our trip, so I went along. 

There was a long line of people outside. Cal was like, OMG look at the line, but let's go because you want to go! I didn't even complain about this but I guess the fact that I didn't was eating him inside. My silence was even louder in his head. See? You don't even need to complain to get at someone for not doing something, I didn't and it was killing him inside. Weird! I told him we could wait in line for a few minutes, in case the line was moving fast or maybe they were all the same group and would go in at once.

Turns out, the line wasn't even going to the museum. 

That's where the line was going

I asked for him to take a picture of me before we went into the museum.

That's me, falling outside Palm Springs Museum
When we got in, they told us it was half price that day but free if we banked with a certain bank, which Cal banks with, so free entry. Something to that effect. All in all, we got a good deal entry fee-wise.

As you walk in! I love chandeliers

The place is so beautiful, three or four levels. The staff is so friendly. Calvin's pupils dilated when we got in! He loved it! He took so many pictures, he literally got lost in there, he loved it so much! I told him to let that be a lesson not to knock something till he tries it. He gave me such a hard time about something he ended up loving so much. It's ridiculous! First of all why won't someone want to go somewhere on vacation? What are you in a rush for? Come on! Don't be that guy! Nobody Likes that guy!

Pretty impressive! Look at all those rocks!

There are so many contemporary pieces in there, it's not your, OMG I'm gonna die type museum.

Doesn't this man look real? Eerie right?
Tourist couple life like Mannequin

This couple was the best part for me! At first, I thought they were real. I was wondering why people stood so close to them. I'm thinking, dang, do these people mind! Personal Space, people! Until I got closer and some guy explained to me that these are kinda like Wax figures, they get cleaned often, they put lotion on them and scent to make them as real as possible. It was quite something. He told me that he had once been to an event where they had these kind of statues mixed with models posing as statues and people couldn't tell the difference. You gotta love Museum talk!

My new friend in a beret, the guy who talked to me about statues. Nice guy!

The beret guy and I talked for quite a while, we ended up walking around together while Cal was talking pictures of everything elsewhere.

Optical Illusion

Above is a picture of a box with, I guess, mirrors or reflective glass an lights. They are all set up to create the illusion that this is a deep dark hole, which it isn't. My friend with a beret explained all this to me. He doesn't even work there, he just knows things. I love bumping into people like that, who I have full on conversations with and never see them again. Sometimes you wonder if the meeting ever happened at all or you imagined it. Calvin finally came to get me because I was lost in the man's eyes, he's got such a soothing personality, I felt at home with him. His people came to get him as well at the same time.

Let me love and leave you with this nakedity!


Tembz Didit said...

Oh that breakfast looks yummy even with that cavier.
Lol shame Cal is sweet. Went to the museum to please you. Ended up enjoying himself.

OMG that couple looks so real. Like an old couple taking a break from walking around.
Do you think the actual couple claimed royalty for being used as mannequins?

Babalwa Brook said...

I'm glad Cal enjoyed himself. That was the first thing he talked to everyone about when they asked about our trip.
I don't know what the story is behind the couple. Maybe he used his parents as inspiration? Or the couple did it for free. Kinda like one would for charity seeing as it was for a museum?