Wednesday, April 26, 2017

Nigerian Food in Los Angeles

I had gone against my better judgement and befriended a girl from asouth africa. Nice girl. We had so much in common, when it comes to values etc. It was mice to find someone who gets 'it' we had spend a great deal of time talking over the phone with each other. I mean hours! The girl had a craving for African food. She told me she heard of a Nigerian restaurant in Inglewood. Neither of us had been there before. I was up for it though. When am I ever not? She doesn't drive. She offered to pay for gas if I picked her up and dropped her off afterwards. With a truck like mine, someone offers to pay for gas, you accept! It was a date!

Saturday morning, Calvin was at home. I had already mentioned to him that the girl and I har plans. I left him at home and headed off to hollywood.

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It was a nice and sunny day, as you can see. I was in high spirits. It had been a bery lng time since I had hung out with a friend like that. Plus jollof rice, hello! I had her address in my GPS since I had never been to her place before.

This is a cool chick who had lived in The Us before, New York, for a while. Went back to Africa. Came back, stayed in Chicago for a few months, then ended up in La. 

I picked her up from her place in Hollywood. She looked skinnier than I thought she was. Lucky girl! Nice drive through Hollywood to Inglewood. Listen to some of our conversation in the video below and enjoy the nice drive we took.

Press Play!

We finally made it to Inglewood! If only we could find the restaurant! The place looked like it had been closed forever ago! Great! We just drove here for nothing! As we were trying to figure out what to do next, we saw movement inside the restaurant. They opened for us and there was actually one patron inside already. He looked African. A guy eating by himself.

More from our drive to Inglewood. Press play

The restaurant is run by Nigerians, surprise! Nice waitress, she was the only waitress. Food took forever to prepare. We weren't counting though, too busy catching up. I ordered jollof rice, she ordered goat/mutton. Apparently, they serve goat but there are laws against that; for them to by-pass those laws, they listed goat as mutton/lamb on their menu. I have an issue with that. What if you don't eat goat but love lamb? Any who! We both sampled each other's food, as you do. I liked mine best, as you should!  😊

nigerian food, jollof rice, los angeles
Jollof Rice

I tried not to have all that rice.... and that meat! I took the rest home for Calvin to sample. Plus, diet! 
Goad soup and fufu
Fufu is very much like paap, with more ingredients than just maize meal.

This was a great experience for me. Being out and about with a friend, eating food I hadn't had in a very long time and just having fun. My friend gassed up my car; I took her back to Hollywood, first Best Buy, in West Hollywood, where were laughed uncontrollably at an inside joke. Back to the East Side to my boo!

One last video for you of when we finally found the restaurant! My face says it all!

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