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It's Christmas Time In The City

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Christmas time! I went over to Calvin's on Christmas Eve. I was so psyched, first Christmas I was going to spend with a boyfriend. In the past, the guys I dated were never around for special occasions. I packed all the gifts I had bought for him and on my way out saw gifts on the passage. What? They were thrown out, looks like by my neighbor who has a temper. He once cussed and screamed and shouted at someone in the middle of the night for about a week straight. Every night without fail, around 2am, he would get at it.
He would scream homosexual slurs, it wasn't nice at all. I remember the first night Calvin spent at my place, the guy went at it again. I was like oh no! He's gonna think my neighbors are ghetto. I warned Calvin that night about the guy and lo and be hold it happened. At least when it did, he had been warned. Calvin wanted to see who it was, I was like, don't worry about it. I live here and am not sure if it's the first apartment, or the second. It doesn't matter! What are we going to do with that knowledge once we gain it?

The reversible BCBG bag Cal bought me and a luggage I bought myself day before Christmas Eve

Fortunately, that night, someone called the police. You should have seen Calvin when the police arrived, hahahaaaa! He jumped straight into bed and folded up his arms as if they came for him. I was like, are you ok boo! LOL. It's good to know he's afraid of the police. Right?

I looked at the gift boxes and wondered what the deal was this time. That's when I noticed a broken framed picture of a couple. It was the neighbor and a girl. It could have been that he gifted her those and she threw all that outside or vice versa. OR that he bought those, she fcked up and he threw everything out. Who knows? Not me!

At Calvin's, he was doing laundry. I helped him out because he was working that day and I wasn't, even though driving in LA traffic is a job in and of itself. His dad came by. Sweetest guy ever. I just love him so much. He makes my heart smile. He gave me a good hug and wished me a Merry Christmas. That touched me! Well, in more ways than one, haha! It was so sweet of him. I felt like, he treated me as part of the family. It was nice to have that bond for a change in The US. After all the experiences I've had as you know. I felt bad that I didn't get him anything. I had a Dickies Jacket at home that I thought of giving him for Christmas but it's a slippery slope. You don't want to be that person who is forcing themselves onto the in-laws, right?

The jacket was too short on Calvin. His dad's shorter, I thought it would fit him. Anyway, that didn't happen, so eBay!

Calvin's house guest, who I introduced in this blog bought everyone something for Christmas. We'll call him Len. He bought chocolates for Cal's mom, socks and other things for Cal's dad, because everyone loves him! Stuff for Cal's brother, who he hung out with more than Calvin and stuff for Calvin. When he saw me, he told me he forgot my gift in a co-woker's car. I told him that was ok because I didn't get him anything. We were square. He told me that he had bought me a giraffe because growing up, they used to call Calvin giraffe. He wanted me to be reminded of Cal whenever I looked at the giraffe. Like! WTF! IS that a gift or a dig at my boyfriend? Good thing the thing went missing, if he ever bought it at all! Them calling Cal a giraffe when they were young, I wasn't there for that, was them being naughty kids. It was never meant as a compliment.

Everyone exchange gifts almost as soon as I arrived. We didn't decorate. I don't know if Cal's parents did. I had never been to the house. The first thing Calvin wore of mine was he fedora. He was so happy about it, I almost wished I hadn't given it to him. I told him that was a joke, not meant to be taken so seriously. He told me he didn't care, he doesn't have a red fedora, that was perfect. Oh Lordy!

I had left one of the pairs of sneakers in the car for later. He had too many gifts as it was!

He was so happy when he opened everything I gave him. That made me happy in return.

Len was sloshed! He wanted to go to Mexico that night. He went on about how he missed his family and needed to be with them. Inasmuch as that would've been nice for Cal and I to spend Christmas alone in the house. I didn't think it was a good idea for the guy to go to another country drunk as he was. I told Cal to talk to him. The guy wasn't listening to anyone. Finally, Cal's dad talked some sense into him. Cal's dad was like "if you try to cross the border this drunk, you won't make it to your family! You'll spend Christmas in jail. Is that what you want? They may not even release you in time for you to make it back to work!" It worked. Len neither wanted to go to jail nor lose his job.

Christmas morning, Cal and I went to church. He wore a suit and a hat he got from Len as a Christmas gift. After church, we went to the nursery to buy flowers and wish them a Merry Xmas. Calvin worked in that Nursery for almost a decade when he was young and he gets most of his clients from the nursery now in his business.He has a good relationship with them. I called mom on our way to the nursery. The conversation went longer than  I had anticipated. It always does with my mom. But that's ok. If she needs to talk, she must talk! It's a luxury to be able to talk to my mom on the phone. One that I don't take for granted.

Apparently, one of Cal's exes was in the nursery, and I walked past her while I was talking to mom on the phone. Don't I wish I had seen her? Of course! I'm curious! I think there's a reason I was on the phone and missed that. Apparently Calvin wanted to introduced us to each other. I don't know about that. Calvin wasn't impressed that I was on the phone the entire time we were at the nursery. I was talking on my mom on Christmas day, who I haven't seen in years. He sees his entire family everyday. We were at the nursery with people I don't know. He introduced me to the owner and the staff, I got off the phone and met them. I'm sorry you missed an opportunity to show me off to your ex! It's really not a big deal! She saw me, that should count for something. If you so desperately needed her to. She heard my voice as I was talking to mom on the phone, I wasn't going to befriend her. No need to want us to have met so badly. I didn't get why he was so upset. He told me that the people at the nursery will have a bad impression of me. They will think I'm not nice because I was on the phone. I told him not to worry so much what people think. The ones who matter know I'm nice. I'm not going to hang up on my mom mid-sentence to prove to strangers that I am a nice person. Sorry, not sorry!

Back at the house, turns out, Calvin bought me a beautiful bouquet of flowers as well as his mom.

Flowers from the bae. They made this specially for him because he didn't like the ones they had
I also brought in the second pair of sneakers I had kept in the car and Calvin loved them! He couldn't believe I still had more stuff for him.

Calvin changed into a casual outfit, out on the new sneakers I gave him and the Christmas fedora. The outfit was a mess but it worked. It took pictures and they are some of my faves of Calv. Some spots were closed, I didn't really care what and where we ate, so we went to the Vietnamese sandwich place close by. There, we met an old friend's of Cal who, apparently, lost 100 pounds (just under 50kg) all on his own. He looks great! He is a bodybuilder, so he really looks good!

Xmas flowers for the grave site

After lunch, we went to the graveyard. Cal wanted to leave flowers at his friend's grave site. That part was sad but I felt our bond getting closer doing something like that together. I drove. After that, we went to the Buddhist Memorial Columbarium (where they keep ashes of people, I believe). It's very serene.. It's up the hill, freezing cold with beautiful views of LA.
Freezing my hinds off
Nice View!

Back home. Cal's mom cooked.

Christmas dinner

testing testi

Rosehill Buddhist Memorial Columbarium

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