Thursday, June 09, 2016


Oh, the life of a struggling actor!

Here we are, Christmas time, the shows are on break, meaning, no work, no $$! Now what? I was done with my Christmas shopping but there was no money coming in!

I got more stuff than I told you about. Sue me!

I didn't want to worry but time was running out. It was going to be time to pay rent for January soon enough. So, here's what I did: I thought of a very good friend of mine who never lets me down, the law of attraction. I downloaded a picture of a stack of money and saved it as a screensaver, in hopes that that would materialize in my life.

Calvin asked what I wanted for Christmas, I told him an iPhone 6 plus. He told me that he can get me a cellphone contract but to spend so much money on a cellphone doesn't make sense to him. Meaning, I will have to buy the cellphone myself at a later stage because I want it. Just because it doesn't make sense to him doesn't mean it shouldn't to me either. I respect his opinion, it ends there! Halfway through the month, Calvin asked me how I was doing rent wise. I told him that I was hoping for a break; Airbnb or something! I could also sell one of my big ticket items on eBay, you never know!

Would have been a big ticket item but I kept it for myself. I got it from  The Doctor's TV Show

 I didn't want to talk about it because my chest was closing up when I did and it wasn't a good way to approach the whole thing. I wanted to be relaxed but you know how it is! Towards the third week, Calvin told me that he thought it would be best if he gave me rent money instead of buying me a phone. I thought that that was a sweet idea but I wanted to come up with the money on my own! Who wants rent money for Christmas? What do you do with it? Pay rent! And then what? Then you rent is paid! I wanted to have something I was gong to walk around with for months to come, telling everyone that that's what my boyfriend bought me for our first Christmas! I told him I appreciated the thought and would like him to hang on to the money while I see what I could do. He told me not to be proud but to accept it. Pride! that's a hard one for me to drop! I have always prided myself in that in as much as I have always wanted a boyfriend who could afford to pay his house and mine, I am not that girl. I never wanted to actually have him pay my rent. I just wanted to know that he could. Feel me?

I must say, it felt really good to know that I was going to be ok. I did sell a few things on eBay and stuff but still fell short of coming up with all the money I needed for rent and all my other bills for the month.

I sold some books

The joys of living in Beverly Hills! Through it all, I was still grateful for my cute apartment, I wouldn't trade it for anything! Who says  I wouldn't have come across similar situations had I lived in a studio in Hollywood? I have been in that predicament, and to have it in Beverly Hills is so much better. Because it's my dream apartment!

Another gift fro The Doctors, thanks guys!

Speaking of dream apartments: You know when you have your own designated parking and someone comes and parks in your spot?

Should I park him in?

 How do you feel about that? My thing is, we all have our own parking spots in this building, if you're expecting someone, who you know for a fact will be driving, tell them to park in the street. It's not that hard!
Our apartment has less than 15 units, which I love, which means there aren't a lot of parking bays. When someone takes your spot, you don't have that much of a choice but to park in the street if there is a spot there. There usually is, I mean, you just keep driving further and further, who knows? You might end up parking on Rodeo Drive, haha, good luck! My thing is, my car is big and the driveway is narrow, I can drive in easily but to get out, you have to make so many turns in the small parking if all the cars are in, until you have made a U-turn, otherwise to back out of the driveway looks like it's much harder. I've never done it. Now, when someone has made himself so comfortable in my parking bay that they put rolls of rugs everywhere, it's slightly frustrating and I don't want to be that not nice person in the entire city of Los Angeles.

I have met most of my neighbors and they all seemed nice. I went upstairs, following the noise to find out whose van that was. My neighbor, whose flooring they were working on told me that she didn't know the guys had taken someone's slot, usually there isn't anyone home around that time. She has lived in that building for years and knows people's schedules blah blah blah! I don't give a sht, my ice cream is melting, move your sht! I thought in my head. She told me to use another neighbor's spot. I was like, how about your people use that spot and I get mine back? It was so frustrating. The guys who were doing the flooring don't speak a word of English, so that added to the fun.

Eventually, because, I am always trying to stay in a zen zone, I offered to find parking in the street, instead of the lady moving her car ad all that. I wanted my parking or nothing. I am sorry to sound impossible but, I'm paying for that parking, it's like finding someone moved into my apartment, telling me, move in next door in the meantime, gtfoh!

I couldn't find a spot. The only one available was a 2 hour spot a block away. I am so used to parking in my own bay that I would have forgotten about my car and been ticketed. That would have been the worst. I drove back and told the lady no parking. She moved her car and decided to park in the street. Why not use someone else's bay like you told me to? I had forgotten about the whole thing when I saw her pulling up into the driveway. She told me she had been looking for parking the entire time. She aplologized again for the inconvenience. I was glad she saw that I wasn't just being an a-hole.

All's well that ends well!

PS. GTFOH stands for Get The F*ck Outta Here

You're welcome!


  1. 😂 on GTFOH. We learn everyday. Looking forward to hearing about your Christmas 🎄 season. Yooo you are 6 months behind 😉

    1. We do!
      I know, girl! I'm catching up.
      I can't wait to tell you about this past weekend!