Monday, June 20, 2016

Eggplant Emoji

First, I would like to thank you for your patience when blogger was having issues and you either weren't able to load pages or post comments. I thought they were working on the problem and it would be fixed in no time, but it wasn't. I had to contact Google, it took about a week but the problem seems to have been solved now. Plus, I got your comments, so that's a good thing. I love hearing from you. Please keep the comments coming!

Weekend after I heard about the missing snake, I had a lot of praying, visualization and all kinds of things giving myself hope that the snake wouldn't come out and attack me.
I told them that it could still be in the house somewhere. Calvin assured me (based on nothing) that the sake left the building. I would be sitting on the couch and wonder if the snake is in the nooks and crannies of the couch! I would be in bed and wonder if it's behind and headboard, snaking around, waiting for me to put my guard down. Goodness! Needless to say, I survived that weekend! I survived many more weekends thereafter. No snake in sight.

I couldn't help but wonder if someone forgot to close the cage while playing with the snake; remembered later or the following day, after the snake had snuck out and subsequently locked it. Just a feeling I had. Calvin told me that he was the last one to be in the cage, he was feeding the snake and he remembered locking the cage. Well, if it's not black, it's white! Could it be the friend I told you about in this blog? Let's call him Len. Calvin is very protective of his friends, he wouldn't believe Len was responsible, even if I had it on video.

Anyway, days became weeks, months, still no word from the snake. I never forgot. You don't forget that there's a missing snake in the house! I'm just glad that I wasn't there when it went missing because it could have been in my bag, car, could've traveled with me back to mine, the possibilities are endless!
            One weekend, Calvin wanted to take me out to a nice restaurant. He took the books his mom sells, we looked up restaurants around the area with really good food, or something exotic; which I'm always after! We found a Chinese restaurant that sells, good duck (apparently!). We made out way there. The place was cute, nice ambiance; nice and dimly lit. Nice Chairs and everything! I am not quite sure how much English the servers speak but that's not why  we were there! English isn't my mother tongue either, even though I did teach English at some point in my life. Check out my blogs in 2011 for blogs about that!

We found the last empty table as we only made a reservation on our way there. Calvin knows good food. When I don't know what to order, he orders for me and I always love what he orders for me. When we go out, he usually orders three different meals, it could be main course or an appetizer and two main courses for the two of us, so that we can try as many options as possible. That way, we don't need to go back to the same restaurant for that one meal we didn't get to try. This time, we had ...

The best Eggplant / Aubergine / Binjal, I've ever had in my life!

Our meals came with Steamed or fried rice.

Sweet and Pungent shrimp 

And, of course... my dear friend...

Pork with peanuts

All the food was good, but the brinjal takes the cake. While at the restaurant, my sister, Pumla called via Skype. I introduced her to Calv. They talked for a millisecond because everyone's mouth was full.

It's an expensive restaurant, even with the % off. I'm just glad we got to save some money, by we, I mean Calvin.

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