Friday, June 03, 2016

Christmas Shopping

Christmas season! I know, I'm behind! I am trying to catch up, I've been blogging often, see?

When Calvin and I first started talking, before we met, I asked what his favorite movie was. He told me it was Endless Summer. A documentary with  two guys traveling all over the world to catch the best wave. It's a surfing documentary. where they started off in the summer and were traveling from one continent to the next, keeping up with the different summers.

To get to know him better, I watched the documentary, to see what kind of stuff interests him. It was long! A little more than two hours, if I remember quite well. They have more than one. I really enjoyed it! They spent a lot of time in Africa. It was nice seeing Ghanaians discovering surfing and learning how to do it. They made their own surfing boards with wood and went to town! They got quite good it it! They also went to South Africa, the spent some time in Cape Town, surfing in the different beaches in Cape Town. They also went to Jefferey's Bay. It was nice to see them go to places I have either been to or heard of.

I say all this to tell you that the first gift I bought Calvin for Christmas was an Endless summer painting.
The Endless Summer

I ordered one online, it turned out to be too small, so I ordered another one. I started ordering pretty early, so I had time. Calvin has stuff like this in his bathroom, painting and pictures from Hawaii. It's very vacationy. I thought this would be a nice addition. Of course, it would be his decision where he wants to hang them.

He loves sneakers. Remember the Jordan pair we almost bought on this blog? I always wanted to get him a pair. I wasn't thinking about that when I was shopping for sneakers for him. I just wanted a cute pair for him for Christmas, that's all. 

Basketball Adidas High Top 

If you know me, you know I love boots!  Boots make any shoe look cooler. I thought these were cute, they have memory foam inner soles and two pairs of shoe laces, the red and the green, God Forbid! So, I got him these.

Tommy Hilfiger underwear
I like it when guys bend over and you see the giant writing of name brand underwear. Why not? Plus this is my favorite type of men's underwear. It's sexy, I think all men should wear these. Don't you? I was looking for Calvin Klein, for obvious reasons, but they had sold out of the good colors. I don't want to buy a bunch of black or white underwear. Where's the fun in that?

Of Course! A Christmas Card

Calvin's favorite color is green, so I had to make sure the card has more green than not. That's enough! We have out sneakers, underwear and Endless

Calvin loves Fedoras, I found a denim one for him which is perfect because he is always dressed casually and the blue will bring out the color of his eyes. I was all over it! So all over it, I couldn't wait until Christmas to give it to him. One weekend, he gave me a robe he bought me for Christmas and I was like, perfect excuse for me to give him the fedora, the following weekend, I gave it to him. 

Christmas gift
That's me in the robe with the slippers we bought on this blog. Nice and comfy! Thanks mom for making me the hat!

One day, I was grocery shopping and lo and behold they had a Christmas Fedora! Because I had already given Calvin the hat I had bought him for Christmas, I had to grab the xmas one for him. It was more of a joke than anything else. Red's his favorite color, so why not? I know I said green before, they both are!

Christmas Fedora

I was laughing as I threw that into my shopping cart. I couldn't wait to see Calvin's reaction when he saw it.

After I was done with my Christmas shopping, That's the only person I bought gifts for; I was at the mall minding my own business when I saw a pair of Filas, that reminded me of the Jordans. I had to buy them! First I called him and asked if he had a brand he totally hated. He mentioned a few, but not the one in front of me, so it was all systems go for me!

Fila for Christmas

I don't know why these Filas look so small! They are not a size 6, I promise!

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