Thursday, July 21, 2011

Kobuleti! No, it's not Laser Tag!

We dropped some people off in Kutaisi, and off to Kobuleti we went (this is where Michelle stays, just before batumi). I saw the Sea! Exhale! Say shoop! Say shoopy, shay shoo-hoop! Shoopy doo! Hoo, hoo hooo!
5hrs later, we were in Kobuleti. Mich and her host sis' came for me. I still felt motion sick, it lasts longer than normal here. It starts off way before the motion itself and lasts way pass. Don't ask!
5mins walk to Mich's house, met the mother and Father. Lovely couple. Warm! Nice big house! With the biggest balcony ever! It's the size of 2 rooms! Michelle and her host mom speak French to one another, sick! Love it! Who would've thought they'd polish up on their French in GE?
She cooked for us! We had pizza (home made! I had a thousand slices), chicken! Omg, meat? Yesssss, chicken! {First of all, omg food! Cos I never get food at my house, and if by some miracle I do, it's bread and cheese or bread and something rotten or undercooked}. Small fried quarter chickens, potato chips, and stuff, too many to list here and dessert. It looked like strawberry flavoured maize meal porridge. I just tasted it and was good. I'm not huge on umdoko/isdudu.
Mich and I went for a walk to the beach. Yep, she lives that close to the beach! The beach here has rocks instead of sand, so it's kind of uncomfortable to walk along it. But it had to be done! How else would I get to the water? Huh? I did and Mich 2k some pics of me doing it! So yep! I can prove it!
While walking to see the rest of the beach front we say 2guys, one of them was Asian, Mich is Asian. She went all cute on me and was like, 'an Asian! An Asian!'. I said let's stalk them! We turned around and power walked behind them trying to catch up. we finally did! 'Hello! Do you speak English?'. "Uhm, my English is very poor!". It was in that instant that I fell inlove!
His name's Li, he was with his 4 friends who popped out of nowhere as we were small talking with them. They invited us to their flat close by. We agreed. We played Laser shoot. No, not laser tag! First of all I don't know what later tag is and I didn't know what lazer shoot was until that day! But apparently, it's not the same thing! We used huge machine guys to lazer shoot animals on the projector screen, it was fun! The room was super hot, I got sweaty and gross but it was tons of fun. 5 guys, 2girls, in a small dark room, shooting at animals. Perfect!
Li and Beqa are dancers, we begged them to dance for us. They did! Cute! I took videos. If I can, I'll upload them later.
More chatting, some of them spoke English, some didn't. One looked 12, he's 20, one looked 25, he's 18, you catch my drift. Li's 28, which suits me just fine, thanks!
We hung out with them until around 12am, it was meant to be for an hour. It lasted longer.
3 of the boys took a marshrutka to Batumi, 2stayed at the flat. They asked us to go back with them, we politely declined. We liked the ones that had left more and they speak English. Plus it was midnight!
We chatted at bit! It was so nice! Mich got a text frm Varzha, one of the guys who stay in Kobuleti. He was declaring his affection for her. Saying how he wouldn't sleep that night, but would dream of her blah.

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