Friday, July 22, 2011


Monday, July 11
Work, home! I taught my 'host mom' and her Cousin English. She sat there, dazing in nothingness, obviously bored to death, yawning and yawning until she gave in, and said let's go to the park. I refused cos I was tired and was already in my night dress. Plus I can't stand her and wasn't about to go for a walk with her and have her show me off as a prized possession to the locals when she can't even feed me.
I went to bed.
Tuesday, 12 July
At breakfast, my host mom and her cousin who sat right across frm me at the table, both stared at me as if I've 5 eyes or something. Whenever I looked at the cousin, she'd look the other way, and immediately, stare right back at me, the 'host mom' isn't shy, she keeps staring, whether I can see her or not. I mean, this is the same woman that let's herself into my room and stares at me for ten minutes flat without uttering a word!

After work, Manuk called me, he gave me my pc back FIXED! SUCCESS! We hung out at the restaurant for drinks with him and his Russian friend that didn't speak English that seemed kind of interested in uhm, me. Unfortunately I wasn't so. Harriet joined us later. We bought Fans! Yep, the ones you see in old fashioned movies. I don't know if I mentioned that this country is still stuck in the 17th century.
After we parted with manuk and his friend, I called Nick, my host dad's brother's friend. Got that? He picked us up at the park and took us for s drive somewhere. It was beautiful, the river and mountains. We stopped for 5seconds for him to try and push me off the edge of the hill and to take a pic or 6. Then back to town.
We dropped Harriet home. Back to the park, then to Nick's apartment. Apparently it's been locked for 3yrs while he stays in the capital and sometimes in the village. He said I could move there if I wish. He'll just get it cleaned. I'm seriously considering it! It's massive! It'd be a pit tricky cos he likes me like that so yeah.
Oh and I found a condom in his pocket! Not sure if he always has one, in case he gets lucky or he brought one along because he knew he was going to see me. That will remain life mysteries, I guess. I tore it open and threw it away, cos that's what girls do, no?
We went back to the park and I was taken home around 11.

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