Wednesday, July 27, 2011

My host family

The host dad is seldom at home, he's a policeman, on call 24hrs. The baby is 5, super cute, love him! The mother is a whole another show!
She's 25 and super annoying. You'd thing that a good age to be cool, nah, not in this house!
She's a control freak!
She's always in my room. Like she'll leave something in my room, I'll notice it when I go to sleep around 11pm, when I wake up at 5am, it's gone. When did she take it? In the middle of the night, of course! Which someone was in my room while I was asleep. How creepy is that?
If I leave my bedroom windows and curtain open, I'll find them closed. And vice versa. I guess just cos!
She knows where all my stuff is! Like, in a creepy way! If I were to leave my iPod on charge, I'll find it in the drawer I keep it. On the exact same stop, if I were to leave, say a safety pin on the dressing chest, I'll find it in my jewellery box, in the drawer, exactly where I keep it! How does she know? She's been going through my things! That's the only logical explanation.
Don't be fooled and think she's been cleaning my room, that's why she moves these things, nope! If I leave the room dusty, I'll find it exactly the same way, I left it, but some objects will be moved!
This used to be their bedroom, so they've a cute lil family portrait on the dressing chest. She comes in here every now and then, dusts it off and turns it in such a way that it faces my bed. So I feel like I'm being watched at all times.
We all use the same wardrobe (closet), so they're always in and out of my room for this reason, everything is kept here, the baby's toys, which of course, he uses everyday, the hair dryer, her toiletries, ALLES! (Everything!).
My door has a huge frosted glass on the upper half (more than half). The bottom part is wooden. You can see me frm outside, just frosted. They never knock! I requested a lock, and got a latch. Which means I can lock myself in, but can't lock when I leave, which I never would've done anyway, because all their stuff is in there. I now latch when I'm inside because I don't want any surprises. She usually bounces at the door as she never knocks, she'll come, push the door and bam! And then stand there, and try to peep through the glass while knocking really hard and screaming my name.
I got a dvd when I moved here. It had been stashed in the room divider in the lounge so I didn't feel bad taking it. If I leave it on pause while going to use the bathroom, I'll come back to find it switched off. Same applies to the lights, computer, tv, any and every electrical appliance. if I leave my camera battery on charge, that's going to be disconnected and the charger will be folded up and packed away, where I keep it! That would've been sweet if it were not uber annoying! I don't like it when people are in my private space, when they touch and snoop through my stuff in my absense, or presence, and when they touch my gadgets! Don't touch my charger! Cos when you fold up the wire, you might do so too tightly and after a few times of doing this the wire will wear off and the charger won't work etc.
I called her to the computer one day and asked her if she wants to know the things that make me feel uncomfortable in her home. She agreed. I typed down a few, she apologised and hasn't stopped.

She stares at me a lot! When my door opens, she's always close by! She'll leave whatever she was doing and linger outside my room! That applies to wherever in the house I am. If I'm using their computer, which was 'bought for my use and they connected the internet for me but since they saw me use youtube [which was somewhere in the beginning], they stay glued on that thing and I can never get a chance to use it)', she'll come stand by me and try to read what I'm typing, or reading. If I'm uploading pictures on Facebook, she'll laugh when she sees ones she thinks are funny. If she recognises the location, she'll go, 'Batumi! Kutaisi!' Etc. I'll of course, ignore her and go on with my thing, or just log off and come to my room, and she'll immediately shut the pc down.
They gave me a spare key to the main door, and half the time, especially in the middle of the night. When I really don't want to wake anybody up, their key will be inside the lock and I will have to ring the door bell.

If I'm lucky, I'll get fed, bread, cheese and something. Or I won't! It's all up in the air really!
Oh and the baby always gets beaten up by the mother. All the time! The moment he wakes up, sometimes I'm awaken by his cry, when he gets home from pre-school, right till bedtime,and he'll cry himself to sleep. Same thing the next morning and everyday.
Once, that I know off, the mother and father had a physical fight! I'd just got home from a weekend away. It went on for about 3hours. He went to work, she came out the bedroom lips bruised and bleeding. I asked if he beat her up, she said no, she was fine. They just had an argument. Married people have those all the time, it's nothing and they'll be fine. Oh well, I wouldn't know, I've never been married!
My host mom wears really short skits, shorts or really tight pants. Then her husband will grab her sometimes when he feels like being freaky! Say, for example, I'm sitting by the computer doing something personal, she's standing right next to me, trying to read it, her husband will come stand behind her, squeeze her breasts and rub her nipples. or stick his hand under her skirt. She'll smile and blush. Aaawww, cute! Can you go to your room now, pls!

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