Friday, July 22, 2011

Party! Park! Polishes!

Wednesday, 13th July
After work, Clint came over. He, Harriet and I went to the pizzeria for uhm, pizza? We ordered a huge margherita pizza cos Harriet is vegeterian. She found beef in her slice. Only in GE! It was still nice though. Pity Harriet couldn't enjoy it with us.
We spent about 2hrs there and Martyna arrived in town with her friends. She was in Tbilisi with her parents who came to visit. She came back to town with her 3 Polish guy friends and a french girlfriend. Nice bunch!
We met up with them at Martyna's. Giorgi and the wife were there as well as the 2 peace Cops. Good times were had by all! Giorgi brought his cousin who was uhm, rather romantic. Apparently he loves Africa, it's his dream land, blah. He was rather touchy, so I distanced myself from him.
My 2 'friends called me! First Li, the cute Chinese. We talked for 16 Minutes. Yup! I checked!). Then Nick. We talked for a bit, he said to call him when I'm in Tbilisi, he wants to take me on a bike ride. Deal!
Harriet and I were dropped off after 1am at mine. I got up and went to work, Harriet works every other day, so she was off.
Lights were on and off in class.
It was so funny when the lights were off, one of my students did and evil laugh and said 'GAMARJOBA!'.
That's hello in Georgian. It was so interesting cos I never ever imagined that in Georgian. LOL.
After work, we were supposed to go for a picnic in uraveli (again:( ) with Giorgi and the Polish. Apparently, he cancelled because he was busy, we skipped that and went to martyna's favourite restaurant at 7.
Harriet couldn't join us, she wanted to spend some time with her host family. The restaurant was hot, as in heat hot? yeah! We ate and talked and laughed and Giorgi randomly showed up with his friends. Including the creepy cousin. They sat 2tables away frm us.
Mckinze came by for like 5mins and had to leave (the peace cop).
We listened to waka waka (of course! The Georgian national anthem) and half a song of Maybe - Enrique Iglesias. Sad cos I love that song. They did repeat the half over and over though.
Giorgi drove us to Martyna's in his Defender, OhMiGosh, I loooove that car! And I plan to drive it one of these days. Gio said I can:).
We went to the park, we stared at as usual. Or so I thought. I was surprised that that was new to Martyna, it happens to me all the time! Frm the house, in the streets, shops, at work, everywhere! That's why I said I'm not going to not do what I want just because people are staring, sorry! They'll just have to get used to me and I'll have to get over it! Either either!
Blazej, one of the PolishES played music on his iPhone. I had brought my Shox speaker so we pumped it up and did our thang, sang along, the works. It was good times indeed. Of course, my host dad was patrolling the park that night, so he found a banch, near us and sat there with a friend staring at us the whole night. THE WHOLE NIGHT! My host dad's brother and his friend found us, they met my friends and stood next to us for about an hour. It was awkward. Then they said they're leaving cos it's late, in english as if to tell me it's time to go home. I just said, c ya!
More music! Then it was my turn to dj frm my iPod, so I did, of course! Queen, Elvis, James Blunt! They walked me home just after one am, we played and sang along to Stay the Night by James Blunt and 3 Wise men outside my block. I bade them bye, and called it a day.
Of course, the key was in the lock at mine and I couldn't open with mine. I had to ring the bell. You've got to love my host family!

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