Thursday, July 21, 2011

Romantic weekend in Batumi

Saturday, July 9
We took a marshrutka to batumi, L2 (R8). 30 mins. Mich, her 12yr old host brother, Shota and myself. We met up with Caleb, one of our group members who doesn't stay far frm Batumi. We walked the city. Man oh man, I'm in love with Batumi! It reminds me so much of Durban! It looks like no other city here! Pictures! Pictures! Pictures!
People asked for my picture, they asked to take pics with me, they took my pics without my consent, I took their pics in return, just for kicks!
We went to Goodwill. Just cos! It's smaller than I expected. I took pics and was reprimanded by the cute security guard.
More walking, window shopping, literally! Cos most of the stores were still closed after 10am. We saw some cute guys! Lots! Our group arrived around 12/1. As we met up with them, our friends from the night before arrived. We waited for them and told our group we'd catch up with them at the restaurant. I saw Josh, he was so drunk, at like midday, the detox must have the opposite effect on him.
The 2 guys from Kobuleti said they couldn't join us, they had work to do. We expected the 3 nice ones. All 5 of them showed up. No problem for me, awkward for Mich cos she was practically engaged at this stage! You see if a guy so much as shows interest in you, you're his! You're married, and probably pregnant!
It was good to see Li :) he's cute, I like his long hair! I'm a sucker for guys with funky hair! Or just guys in general, really!
We met up with the gang at the restaurant. Ours was a huge s table. Probably 3 tables put together, for my group, Josh's group and our new Georgian friends. We ate some nice food. I had sea food, and fried rice. It was delish. Our Georgian friends paid! We initially had planned on paying for their meal. But oh well!
Because our group arrived hours after us in Batumi, they spent the whole daying playing catch up with us. We had to split. Our GE friends wanted to go to the beach, for a swim. Varzha wanted to buy Mich a swimming costume so she could swim, I reckon he wanted to see her naked. Pic, pics, pics! The boys changed into black shorts. I don't know if this was a coIncidence and swam! I took my leggings off, and went in the water. Can't swim:(
More pics and the 3 guys had to leave. Varza, Giorgi, Shota (the 12yr old) and I met up with the group, briefly. The museum was closed, we missed it by like 5mins. We went to the botanical gardens. Nice! Huge! Up and down hilly walking. Pics, awkwardness as Varzha spent the whole time asking me about Mich and I spent the whole time trying to get him to ask her! He practically told me he loves her and wants to marry her!

On our way out, we pumped into Iranians that were holidaying in GE, they gave us huge slices of watermelon! Oh Georgia! There were 5 of us and they had enough for all of us? Pictures! Marshrutka back to Batumi. We met up with the group again, had dinner. I had to try archaruli from Batumi, I believe they make the best in the country. I did! And I enjoyed it and will eat it again, next time I'm there cos 'I will be back!'
We hung out a bit.
Varzha said it was time to go and disappeared with the lil boy for ten mins. It felt like an hour and a half. He left his 4ne behind. Classic!
We later found out he went to buy Mich a present and all the stores were closed. It was 10pm on a Saturday night. I wonder why the stores were closed!
We bade out friends good bye. And walked towards the fountains. Man, those were awesome! They are activated by the music that plays across the fountains, the louder and faster the music, the higher the water splashes out of the fountains. Utter Awesomeness! Pics! And amazement! Oh and more pictures of me with random people. At least they asked!
Then we went to see the statue of Ali and Nino. That's a to be seen in Batumi as well. It's 2statues that rotate toward each other, kiss and rotate away from each other, only to get back at each other omg! Loved it!
All this time, at the statues, Varzha had his hand on the small of Michelle's back. No comment.
We took a cab home. An hour or so later! The guys asked us to go home with them, we politely refused. Bedtime!

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