Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Moving Out?

Michelle and I planned that she'll come spend the weekend here. I assumed my family would be okay with it. Especially, considering the 'mom' knows all about her frm snooping through my photos. She knows she's the girl whose host family hosted me when I spent the weekend in Batumi. One day, I got home from work, my host dad's mother was here. Great! She can do some translation for me! I asked if Mich can come for the weekend. She didn't seem pleased and told my host mom, who walked away. She asked if it's a girl friend or a boy. I told them a boy. I mean really now! She mumbled a long story, they both did, and all that was translated to, ' you should ask the host dad!'. I could see they were not chuffed. I thought not to ask the dad. But after a few days, I was like, screw it, I'm asking him. I called him frm work, no answer! My assistant said we can use her phone, she doesn't pay for calls. I indulged her (cos I also don't pay for calls to my host dad), he answered immediately. Which makes you wonder why my calls were not answered. He asked him in Georgian, he asked if it's a boy or a girl, when learning it's a girl, he agreed. He said something else, the assistant laughed (she doesn't even know him!). I asked what he said, she said, nothing!

I told Mich the family agreed to her spending the weekend here.

Thursday, 21 July
I got a call from our resource centre regarding my wanting to move out of my host family's place. The lady said she was on her way to the police station. We met for the first time, she asked me how work was with a huge smile that I didn't get, but oh well, at least it's a smile. I told her ok thanks, she asked then why do you want to leave? Uhm, I want to change host families not police stations!
She told me this might be a lengthy process as she doesn't have any families on standby and on the stame breath, she asked me to stay one more night at the house and she'd move me Friday, as she has a few families on stand by. I was left confused. She asked me to tell her more about why I want to move. As I was blabbing away, she cut me off and said, it was nice to meet you, feel free to call me anytime! And walked away!
I had to tell Mich about the developments as this could change things with regards to her spending the weekend here. I felt so bad!
When I got home, my 'mom' asked where my friend was. She knows Martyna, Clint and Harriet and I didn't know which friend she was talking about, so I asked. She used her hands to signal chinese eyes. Oh, Michelle? She's coming tomorrow. I didn't bother to tell her she will no longer be coming over and she didn't bother to ask where Mich was over the weekend when I was locked up in my room watching desperate housewives.

After work, I went past my host 'grandmother's work. For some reason, I found us talking about Nick my Georgian friend, who's friend's with her younger son. She asked if I talked to him, he's around blah. I texted him. He picked me up, we hung out with his friends at the park. An old, could've easily been 90 year old lady joined us. She wanted to know about me. I saw a friend I made a few days prior, while talking to this friend, this old lady patted me and said 'phuck you!' What is 'phuk?'. I was so disappointed in these kids!
We went to Nick's apartment, hung out some more, one of the friends cooked dinner, they bought me ice cream. We watched a bit of tv. Nick begged me for a kiss, I refused, around 9, they dropped me off and Nick said he'd get money frm his dad the next day and take me wherever I wanna go in his car.

Friday, 22 July
During my lunch break, I called the Resource lady to find out if they'll tell my host family why I'm moving out. She said yup! They need to know! I said but I don't want to offend anybody and since this is such a small town, I wouldn't want the locals to hate me and all. She said, this is their problem, they promised to take care of you and feed you, if they can't do that, it's breach of contract and they need to know. I said, well, ok then!
I called her again in the evening to find out if she was winning. She said she had talked to 5 families that were going to get back to her. If she didn't move me on Friday, she definitely would on Saturday. Saturday, no word from the lady, Sunday, same story. I called the hotline number and asked if they knew what was going on. They said they didn't, but would move me by the end of the day! Not too long after that, I got a call frm head office. I was told that miss RC (resource centre) no longer for works for the company and she didn't have the authority to move me anyway. According to the contract, I should stay here until September. Long story short, the police academy will sit during the week and decide whether or not they can move and where.

Monday, 25 July
First thing in the morning, I get this text frm RC : Good morning *** how r u just now i found my mobile and i am very happy about that i will tell u tumorrow because i am at doctors and when i will be free i'll call and will solve your problem ok. Right i am sorry that i didn't anrwer:) see u tumorrow.

Later on, I got a call from head office, they had good news for me. The police academy agreed to move me! I said But! But! RC has good news for me as well! I asked if she actually knows that she's no longer working for the company. They said yep, she does. On Tuesday, It was confirmed that I'll be moving in with one of my student's student's family next Monday, the 1st of Aug.
My host family doesn't know yet. Apparently, someone will tell them.
I'm so excited, but I'm too scared to start packing because she'll see my bags and will want to know what's up or the husband will dig at work, and I'm not ready for that extra awkwardness yet.

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