Thursday, July 21, 2011


Friday, July 8
My group will be in July this weekend.
I'm going to join them! If by some chance, I don't, then I'll go to Clint's in Akhalkalaki. I told Tyna that as well.
Somehow, she understood that we're all going to Clint's. As in Harriet, Tyna and I. Clint started getting the spare room ready, he went shopping for blankets and things for us. My mind was set on Batumi, if you know me, you'll know how much I love the sea. I was so looking forward to it. I was nervous about accommodation, it's summer time and Batumi is a tourist town. What if I don't find accommodation?
Josh is renting a 2bedroom apartment, he had told be before that I should come visit for like a week. I can't because unlike him, I'm working. He's on summer holidays. We settled on a weekend. He said he wanted to be by himself his first week in Batumi and detox, his family makes him drink all the time. Fair enough. This was the 2nd weekend. When I talked to Amy, one of our group members, I found out that she'll be staying at Josh's for the weekend. When I talked to Josh about going to Batumi for the weekend and accommodation, he offered to ask his friends for contact details of homestays in the vicinity. I got the hint, the offer to stay at his no longer stood.
I asked if he could meet me at the Rank on my arrival as I didn't know the area and my friends would only arrive the next day, Saturday, he said he didn't know if he'd be around, they were planning on going to Turkey. Fair enough.
I confirmed with the girls here that I'm def going to Batumi on Fri. Harriet couldn't come along because she had classes until late Friday and it's a long drive. Leaving Saturday morning would've been a waste. According to her.
I told my fam and my student's I'll be going to Batumi for the weekend. They told the rest of the country, even people who don't know me.

I had 3 lessons that Friday, after the second one, well, we only do the test Fridays, I took my assistant with me to confirm marshrutka times. It was 11:25. They told me the last marshrutka'd leave in 5 mins. We ran to the shop, bought something to eat, toilet, filled my water bottle up, the marshrutka was hooting for me outside the station. They'd asked me to pay my L20 (R80) beforehand to secure my seat. I ran out and off to Batumi I went!
It was hot, dirty, it smelled and there wasn't enough room for my legs. I sat next to a girl who had tons of luggage, which reduced the space even more, she was sweet and spoke English. That helped.
I had my Lobiani (bean bread/pie) as I was starving cos I didn't get breakfast at the house. You know how they do, no food for Brook! Or Brut as their son calls me.
We stopped just before Kutaisi for a chama station! (Toilet break). 2turkish toilets, stank like hell! They don't flush, gross gross gross!
We had to pay 20 Tetri (80 cent) to use them. I got stared at and someone took a picture of me outside the toilets, all in a day's work!
I called Michelle to tell her I was halfway yo Batumi. She told me she asked her family if I could stay over for the weekend and they agreed! Success!

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