Monday, July 04, 2011


Monday, 27 June
Back to work! I handed out the test, blah blah blah. I had my 3hr lunch break, got a call, super excited, as he always is! 'Hey Brook! I'm in Akhaltsikhe! Were are you?' He was at the rank, and I was at the store near the rank. He came to the store, with a blonde chick. Martyna. She's Polish and works here in Akhaltsikhe and SPEAKS ENGLISH! Bonus points! I told her she's my new best friend, she agreed. Now we're best friends cos we can actually communicate with one another and understand each other. Which is vital! She's been here for 3 months and will stay here until the end of the year.

My assistant, Lia, invited Clint and martyna to the office for coffee, I had Khachapuri (chese bread for lunch. I actually ordered lobiani, the bean bread. But oh well! It's Georgia, you take what you can get!). My other assistant, Tiko took us to Harriet's work, upon my request. We interrupted her class, we knew the students would love it! Talked to them for half a minute and drove off! Clint left. He had class in an hour. Martyna and I went out for drinks, I did have 2more hrs to kill after all. We went to the Lover's restaurant, hung out upstairs and had apple juice and water:). 5.50 Lari (R22). When you order fruit juice at some restaurant, you get a litre of what looks like liqui fruit and a glass. That's what we had.
Tyna walked me back to the office and was waiting for me at reception at 5 when I finished work. We called Harriet, she joined us for dinner 30minutes later at a restaurant down the road frm the police station (my office). We had khinkali (the meat dumplings), and we had cheese dumplings, forgot what they're called, kebab, very salty mushrooms and not to be left out, the salad!
The place was nice, not too fancy, just basic, with a Turkish (squat) toilet and 2friendly waiters who have become friend of Tyna's. Some guys in table one, bought us a nip of cognac. We didn't know whether accepting it would mean we were not their girlfriends and had to start making wedding arrangements and we didn't want to be impolite. Things are very different here! They left while we were brainstorming whether to accept it or not. The girls had a tot each and the rest was left behind. By the way a doggy bag is a frowned upon concept here! When you order you get tons of food and may not leave with your left overs, I think they throw them away.
We walked to Rabat, the old castle and church and museum. It was a steep-ish hike. I had the wrong shoes, as I had just came back frm work but I manned up and did it!
I got home around ten/eleven pm.

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