Thursday, July 21, 2011

Uraveli Part 2

The picnic was nice. It was 2guys from the office, one of their wives, 2 more chicks and the chick frm the bank. The bank's in the same block as us, we actually share office space. People who need help from our office, have to stand by the bank. Go figure!
We ate, and drank, and toasted. They toasted to to my birthdaying peeps back home. How sweet!
I had barbecued pork and fish, my 2 favourite meats. I was too stuffed to eat anything else. You must realise because I don't get fed, my stomach has somewhat shrunk and when I do eat, I get full forever.

I wish I could've brought Martyna with me! More so because I told her about the gig and she got ready, then the colleagues made excuses when I asked if she could join us. Which sucks because she includes me in her things. We left around 9/10. My assistant needed to relieve her baby-sitter. I was dropped off at Martyna's. Apparently, Giorgi was there, 'looking' for me. Cut to, home, sleep.

Wednesday, 6th July
Work, Martyna told me Giorgi wanted to take us out for a picnic. After confirming that he was going to drive us in his big car (Pimped out Landrover Defender), I agreed!
We all clubbed up L10 each (R40). They bought food and drinks, I.e. Pork, fruit, vege, bread, pineapple juice for me. I hate it! Egg plant for Harriet, she hates it! Borjomi mineral water for me, I hate it! Clearly, we all need to get involved when shopping for our next thing-a-magic! Or better yet, bring our own stuff!
The picnic was at Uraveli, where I was the previous day, different spot, Giorgi, his wife, Martyna and Harriet and I were there. It was ok. We didn't stay too long. Frm there, I may have hung out at Tyna's and she may have walked me home in the middle of the night.

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