Thursday, July 21, 2011

Is that hair in my cake or is it happy to see me?

Sunday 10th
I found out there's only one marshrutka back to Akhaltsikhe and it's at ten. Or eleven. Michelle's mom got up early to make me what I told them was my favourite Georgian dish and we left before she finished. Sorry:( and Thank you!
Her host dad walked us to the rank. I got myself soething to eat, Khachapuri (cheese bread) everything costs double in Kobuleti and Batumi what it does in my town. I also bought caramel cake. Fun times! Not - as I found a long lock of blonde hair in it later, and it hardly tastes like it looked. The cake, not the hair!
It was nice at Michelle's. That's when I knew for sure that my family is weird and abnormal and there are much micer families out there.
Motion sickness! As usual!
I slept most of the ride home. When I arrived, I bought a belated birthday gift for our baby boy, he's 5. I got him a nice police set, badge, gun, hand cuffs, the works. He threatened to shoot me with it the entire evening.
I spent a minute or 2 on the net and went to sleep.

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