Wednesday, July 27, 2011

The toilet Situation

Whenever I go to the bathroom there's always some type of a situation. Either the bathroom will be open, and when I open the door to the hallway, just before the bathroom, someone will lock the door from inside. Which means there's been someone in there all along. Can you blame them? We neither have a window (that opens) nor air freshener in there! This happens almost every morning.
Or there's unflushed poo! Unflushed cos you can tell they didn't even try! The pressure in the toilet flushing things is weak, so you have to flush more than once. But this person, doesn't even try.
Or there is strong yellow wee that obviously hasn't been flushed. Gross!
Or poo left overs on in sides of the seat. Use the brush, pls! Gees!

We use the shower! I particularly do cos the bath's not really up to par. They've the whole bath/shower combo going on. It's the bathtub, with a shower head, and the shower curtain that's always wet. Basically, after they take a shower, they don't leave the curtain open for it to dry out, the 'host mother' slides it to the corner, really 'neatly' cos everything has to be perfect. Which makes me roll my eyes because: refer previous paragraph!
I always leave it wide open so it can air dry, and she always goes in the bathroom after me, to squash it to the corner.

Lately, there's no water every afternoon until the next morning at 8:00. Atleast I get to shower every day before work, knock on wood! And whenever there's no water, that triggers my body to want to 'go'. They usually half fill the tub with water in case this happens. It doesn't happen often. First time it happened this month, was a few days ago (and it's happened everyday since), just after the host mom took a shower. So she was using the tub and thus, no water for us! We had to not 'go' for more than 12 hours. the next day, I filled my 6Litre water bottle up for drinking water I can trust and whatever else I might need water for.
She poured a little bit of water in the tub, a little less than a quarter of the tub and there was no water that afternoon. We didn't have enough water! But we survived.
Yesterday, she didn't use the bath tub, but a small plastic one. I'm not sure why.
This morning, at 5:00 I went to the toilet. Found it nice and clean. I flushed using a bucket. Then I thought to be extra cute, let me use the brush, even though I didn't really need to. It was filled with poo! All around it! I only saw this when I'd dunked it in the toilet and the water turned brown. So of course I had to flush this Georgian poo with a few more buckets of water. Now that small plastic tub is less than half full.
Just a second, I'm going to puke...

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