Monday, July 04, 2011

New friends and a Supra

I walked to work! 30 mins! What's shocking is the fact that they let me! Because they're convinced that we foreigners cannot do anything for ourselves. I've been walking to and from work since the beginning of last week! Success! It's very hot though.

Martyna and I have been hanging out everyday, since we met last Monday. She stays in an apartment by herself. It's a cool hangout. She's welcome at my place and my family loves here, so we're sorted.
I met up with Meghan, an american TLG teacher who was based in this area for 8 or ten mnths. She left last week though. Her contract has come to an end. She did make time for me just before she did, which was nice of her. It was Meghan, Teona (Martyna's Georgian friend who speaks English), and I. Harriet couldn't join us, she went for a walk with her family. We went to the pizzeria and had 2 pizza's. One meat and one chicken. Delicious! We were the only customers there for the almost 4hrs we were there. Tyna and I walked Teona home, found out she stays in the same building as Harriet, I called Harriet to come out and meet her, done! Tyna walked me home, we hung out at the street corner at like 11 pm. We finally parted. I slept around midnight.
Thursday, 30 June.
Month end! First thing in the morning, I logged on to my internet banking to try and do what grown ups do mnth end. Pay my bills! I blocked my login details:(
I won't bore you with the details but that set the tone for the day. I walked to work, spent a lot of time on email with people in South Africa trying to sort my banking issues out, to no avail! Everyone I talked to that day was having a day from hell!
At 5, I finished work, Tyna was waiting for me outside with Teona and Manuk, the guy that's going to get my pc fixed. I gave it to him and the girls and I walked home. I vented all the way to the flat, f this, f that, whew! Works everytime!

Teona went back to the office, Tyna and I went to her place, Clint arrived an hour later or so, we bough beers and the night officially began. 2Litres of beer, I'd never seen any such a thing before! Teona and Giorgi came by. Giorgi drove us to his in-law's house in the village for a supra (feast with alcohol and lots of toasts). We met the in laws. One of the guys was super hot! Here's the thing about Georgians. Especially the men: they almost always look ten yrs older than they are!
This guy's so my type. They called him the black son, cos he's much darker. I was like, I can roll with that, black guy, and black girl, done!

We ate, and toasted away. They tried to force me to drink as they always do, all over the world. I politely declined.
I found out that the cute guy is 17. SEVENTEEN! I thought he was in his late twenties atleast! Oh well, there goes that idea!
I did take a picture with him though.

We left the house, because I was sleepy and Teona needed to go home. We dropped her off and Giorgi drunken drove us around town, pumped some music up and I was alive again:).
He took us to the castle again, this time it was 11pm and closed. We hung around for 3seconds took one or 6 pics and off we went. Parked the car outside Tyna's and walked to the store. The stores here sell groceries, snacks, bakery stuff and alcohol! All of them! We stocked up on alc and walked back to the flat where we listened to Clint's nice music and just chilled.
Around 2am, Giorgi took me home, I slept at 3am.

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