Tuesday, December 15, 2015

The Perfect Guy

After Clef left, I was so relieved!

I cleaned the couch and washed the bedding as I always do when someone moves out. I prayed he would be ok. I think he' fine wherever he is.

I still had my ad online, I just edited it and put in women only  just in case Clef so the ad while still searching for a place. I wanted him to see that I, at least was no longer looking for a male roommate.

Not long after Clef moved out, I heard from a nice lady who was a teacher in Hollywood. She was looking for a place to crash while looking for her own apartment. She came over to view the place, we sat and chatted for two hours. She was such a breath of fresh air. She ended up staying here for two weeks. We hardly ever saw each other in the time she was here. When we did, we would talk about everything under the son. She's so inspirational, she lost 100lb (45kg) all on her own. she didn't even have surgery after losing so much weight, instead, she started to work out towards the last leg of her weight loss and she toned up quite well. Her abs are rock hard!

She never used the kitchen the entire time she was here, which was awesome! We both we sad when she left because in the few times we got to hang out, we had real conversations. She was a pretty genuine Math teacher. So smart. She said we should hang thereafter, she was to call me when she settled in. I never heard from her. I texted once just to see if she had settled in well. She had, we never talked again.

I was still working as background on tv show, etc. I did a few commercials. I did background in a commercial that was shot in an airport in North Hollywood. Air Hollywood, the next commercial I did was at the train station, Union station, then another one in an airport in Ontario. This was five minutes or so near where I lived in Ontario in 2013 after sneaking out of Daddy's place. If you still remember that situation! I was quite nostalgic being back there. The last time I was in Ontario, I was at that very airport, flying to Salt Lake City via Phoenix. It was a beautiful day. I was filled with hope. Salt Lake had it's ups and downs but I did end up settling quite well over there eventually. I was partnered up with a nice, talk, handsome guy with hazel eyes who had just got back from 3 months in Australia with his girlfriend who he had just proposed to. I lived vicariously that day, listening to their love stories. It was a nice day. I did background in a show by the ocean, near a Battleship, I was like, well, dang! What other means of transportation are there? then got a job in a bus commercial, That was another fun gig. I worked with a handful of people. One of the cast, was a lady who had worked in an Apartheid play written by Pieter Dirk Uys; a South African playwright... amongst other things. She was so happy to meet a South African, the lady not Pieter - he may dress as a female every now and again, but he is a man!

We just recently got links to the latter; one can be viewed on Facebook and the other on Youtube, for those of you who are not on Facebook. Let me know if you spotted me!

The Youtube link                                                    

Facebook link

I was still reading my law of attraction books, working on keeping a positive attitude and watching my tongue. It's been quite the journey but, being the rolling stone that I am,  this has been the best journey, I've ever embarked upon. I was having fun working on attracting my future husband into my life. I had my list of things I wanted him to be like; I wanted him to be taller than 6ft (1.93cm), slim, he MUST have blue eyes! I'm sure you know that that's my weakness by now! Dark hair, nice hands, feet, I wanted to add a cute butt in there, but I didn't want to be too much ;). I need him to have his own business, someone who, even though, I wouldn't want him to pay my bills, but they should afford to take care of me that way, if need be, he must have or live in a house, not an apartment, he should have his own car.

I added to my list that I wanted him to be kind, not be a crazy talker, I am not a fan of guys who talk too much, loud, obnoxious, attention wh0res. Excuse my French. I want him to love me with all his heart, I wanted him to love me more than I do him. If you know what I mean. I knew, I knew I was going to love him. I wasn't worried about that. I already was in love with him. It was only a matter of him falling on my lap or me sitting on his lap, if you know what I mean, haha.

One of the fun things I used to do was make tea for two people and set the table for two when it was time to eat. I always imagined that I was making those things for my man and I. At first, you feel silly when you do those things until, you get used to them. Sometimes, I would, whenever I remembered, send an email to an old email address that  I no longer used, pretending that that email address was my mans. I would tell him when I was on my way  home, I only did that a few times, I am not sure why that didn't last. I still make tea for two though, even if I am going to end up drinking both cups.

I updated my vision board. A lot on the things on my board, had yet to come through, but I found magazines with more stuff I desire. I posted them up there. Having stayed at Carly's for two months, and not having my own space, I couldn't look at my vision board as much as I wanted to. I had to use my mind a lot to keep on the right track. I used and still do use the time in my car as the best I can. My car, and my home are my positive zones. Especially my car! It's a 100% positive zone. No negative thoughts are allowed in there. If you haven't, try that. Have a spot, like your car, or your bedroom or even bathroom, where you will not entertain negative thoughts at all. It's the best thing! Just thinking about that space, will elevate your mood. I have had my car for a year now, that's a year of positivity. I actually am only realising that now. It's a nice realisation. Try it for two weeks and let me know. If you see a text or call from someone who puts you in a bad mood, when you're in your car, call them back. It would be best if you could take control of your feelings, and not have someone put you in that negative mood to begin with but, in the meantime, talk to them when you have the energy to. Elevate your mood by thinking about the most exciting moments of your life or whatever it is that makes you feel great, and then call them back. If you have to talk to them. If you can, text them instead of calling. That gives you time to take a breath before responding to whatever they are saying. Talking on the phone, they can catch you off guard and say things you didn't see coming, and you can find yourself reacting without thinking, saying things that can't be unsaid.

I would sometimes imagine having my man in bed with me, we didn't do anything silly, even though, if we did, I'm sure it would have been great. The more you do stuff like visualisation, the more you get used to the idea of having that amazing person or thing in your life, and the more used you get to the idea, the closer it is to manifesting in your life. I really believe that.

I still had my airBNB profile.

I got an email from a lady who wanted to stay at my place for a week or longer, but she wanted to start off with a week. Whew, sight of relief! It was good to have someone for a week, once a month or two weeks in a month and stay by myself an entire month, etc. It was nice because I still got to enjoy my place.

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