Monday, December 07, 2015

Google Me!

Now that Dave and Dot are gone, what am I going to do? I know! Find someone else!

Not that I absolutely enjoyed having strangers' energy in my home, I was just trying to catch up, financially.

I had a guy who sent me links to his Youtube stand up comedy channel to verify he was who he said he was, show interest in  the space. I didn't look up the comedy. Sometimes, you never know if someone is just looking for more views on their channel. I wasn't going to fall prey to that! They guy told me that he was a New York Transplant who moved to LA to pursue stand up comedy. He told me that he was looking for his own place. Understandably so! I told him that I was only looking for someone to stay temporarily. Not a roommate. We seemed to be on the same page. He told me that he was neat and all that.

We exchanged numbers. He swung by to view the place. He showed up with his brother who gave me the third degree from the get. He asked me things like how I found that nice place in such a nice location, how long I had been staying there, did I have furniture when I moved in or did I buy it afterwards, where did I get furniture for the entire apartment just like that, do I drive, what do I do for a living? To name a few. I didn't answer all his questions but that didn't deter him.

He told me that he was a working actor, unlike everyone else in LA who claims to be an actor, he actually has been working and has an IMDB page. He told me to google him. I was like, Are you kidding me? You're so Hollywood! Who tells people to google him? His brother, the one looking for a place, we'll call him Clef, burst out laughing. Why Clef? Because He's from Haiti! Speaking of Haiti, they would have full on conversations in their mother tongue, I was like, do you guys mind? Don't come to my house and take over in a language nobody understands, please! Thank you! They were cool, I felt like I could just be myself and talk to them anyhow I wanted.

Clef gave me his ID and money for the three days he initially said he wanted to stay for. He also told me that he really liked me and the place and wanted to know the longest he could stay. I told him because I didn't really want a permanent deal, I would say, two weeks. He asked to stay for a month. I thought about how I was going to save a great deal on rent and agreed. A month it is! He only paid for three days though and told me that he was going to withdraw money and pay for the month after the three days. I thought that was nice because he was paying more for the three days than if he would have included it in the month.

Clef left his stuff and went to the car, I was also on my way to the Library, so we all left roughly at the same time. I drove out of the parking to find his brother's, Brand New 5 series BMW ( or six or seven, who knows! It was nice though), idling on the side of the street. When he saw me, he screamed, nice car! Then drove off. I think the brother needed to see what car I was driving. By the way, brother also told me he owns his house in Riverside. He told me that he has owned it for a while too. I guess, he must really be doing well, only thing is; nobody cares! When we were still at the apartment, brother stepped out to move his car, Clef was quickly told me that he was currently staying at his brother and as I could see, his brother is very Hollywood, therefore, they don't gel. I felt for him but also wondered who would talk like that about their family member to a stranger. Especially a man. I couldn't make up my mind how I felt about that whole thing.

I drove off to the library and went on with my day. I had told Clef that my house is a shoes off house, he told me that he didn't mind, they have the same tradition in Haiti. I was glad to hear that. When I got back home, I noticed that Clef had been at the apartment. He had placed his luggage on top of my new shoes and almost busted them up in the process. That left a weird taste in my mouth. I had already designated a full closet to him and you've seen my apartment, there's plenty of space there. No need to place your only piece of luggage on top of other sht.

That night, Clef came home just after me. We sat in the living room and chatted a bit. He told me he had just had dinner at some Italian restaurant. He seemed to really like the neighborhood, he told me that he liked how convenient it was too. He was looking to buy a car, but in the meantime was going to be able to maneuver with public transportation. He also told me that he has a lot of money, $5 000, I shouldn't worry about him not paying rent. He's set. I was like good! Good for you! (I, personally don't consider five grand a lot of money, especially, considering the amount of rent I pay and gas for my gas guzzling truck) Just saying!

He asked me if he could stay for two months...........


Unknown said...

Heeee 3rd degree from Clef's brother. Brother was expecting a dump I suppose. Or he has a big inferiority complex.

Well you have a beautiful house. Makes sense for a man from Haiti to feel small when they go into that stunning home

Brook said...

Thank you.
I'm not sure what the deal was with the brother but he seems to be doing well for himself.
They are actually a Haitians who were born and raised in New York.

Unknown said...

The brother is rude! Period. Where does he get off asking you those questions.

Unknown said...

The brother is rude! Period. Where does he get off asking you those questions.