Tuesday, December 29, 2015

The Prophet

Acting gigs were coming but slowly. I still needed someone to stay at mine for a week or two per month, that way I could still have half a month of freedom.

After Jen left, I had the week to myself. During that week, I decided to take a vacation in San Francisco. It's in my to do list. I got up early in the morning, went online and looked up tickets to San Francisco and Vegas, just in case those were cheaper. I really wanted to go to San Fran though because I hadn't been.I got out of bed and just as I was about to head t the kitchen to do my morning routine: green tea, cereal, etc there was a background gig/extra's gig notification on my email. The gig was in San Francisco!I was like, this is definitely a sign, we're going to San Francisco! I submitted my name for that gig, thinking that I would vacation and then spare one day for that gig, thereby making money while vacationing. It wasn't paying half bad!

I went on Couchsurfing and surfed for a host for me in San Fran. That was going to be my first time staying in someone's house through couchsurfing. I found a kind host an hour away from Downtown San Fran. As soon as he wrote me, I had a weird feeling. I had an urge to just cancel on him. That wasn't because I thought he was creepy or anything. He seemed like a nice hippy who wanted to spread love and peace. My kind of person! He told me that San Fran was an hour away by bus. I took his word for it and proceeded with my panning. I had never been to San Francisco Bay area, so I had too do a lot of research of things to do.

A few weeks before I decided to go to San Francisco, I worked on a Pharrell Williams Music video for the song Freedom. Cool song! There, I met an old man who, according to a girl I have worked on a few shoots with, is a prophet. The man told me that I love to travel, I can't stay in one place too long, I move around a lot... you know, basic things about myself. He told me that I will meet a lot of people who are good pianists. I had just had Dot stay at my place, she told me she had been playing since she was five and she had had a record deal with a big label. Unfortunately, I couldn't prove any of that. I mentioned that to that old man. He told me that I will become a successful musician, whether I believe I can sing or not. I thought it was interesting that he added the latter part. He asked if I had recently been proposed to, to which, I said, I wish! He told me that  I would either get married or be engaged within a year. I was like, really? Tell me more? Will he be tall? Will he have blue eyes? I was so caught up in the moment, I was jumping up and down! My friend was like, WILL YOU LET THE MAN TALK? The man told me, 'of course he will be tall! He has to be tall, otherwise you will not be attracted to him. He will be taller than 6ft - maybe 6 ft2. I was getting excited! I don't even believe in this type of stuff but when someone tells you something you want .... need to hear, they grasp you undivided attention.. He told me that the man I will marry will be musically inclined. I asked if he will be a cameraman. You know I have this obsession with cameramen. They are so hot when they have that camera equipment on, like, the vest that goes with the steady cam. Look it up and tell me what you think!

The man told me that my music career will flourish in San Francisco, to consider moving there. He told me that I have a gift of having people trust and believe me, and that I will go on to be a pastor. When I heard that, I burst out laughing. I have heard many things about myself but nobody told me I would be a pastor. Wow! Just when I thought I've heard it all! I can't think of anything else he told me. Oh wait! I asked to take a picture with him. He obliges, he asked if he could tell me one last thing before the picture. I told him to feel free. He told me that I have the ability to turn people on without trying, men and women. Hahahahaha! Then he put his hand around me to pose for the picture and whispered to me that he wished he were 6ft2, so he could take me home because I was turning him on already. Hahahaha! Dirty old man!

I had a feeling that there was something about San Francisco. I thought that maybe I would meet someone there or after my trip, I don't know. I don't know if the seed was planted by the dirty prophet or it was pure coincidence.

I booked my ticket to San Francisco and politely declined the offer of the couchsurfing host. It was going to take me an hour and a half or so by bus to his place from Downtown SFB, I wasn't willing to spend three or more hours on the road every day on commute. Plus, bus fare was more or less the same as renting a bed in a hostel. I opted for staying downtown in a hostel. My kind of gig anyways. I booked for a few nights. I was going to take the bus overnight so that I was there in the crack of dawn and would have the entire first day to do whatever I wanted to do, spend a few days in SFB and leave in the evening. That way, I didn't waste daylight traveling. I never do!

Unfortunately, I didn't book the job in San Fran. It was a marathon scene for Nike commercial and they needed people who look like marathon runners. Oops! That didn't bother me. My mind was sent on my vacation and nothing was going to put me down.

There is a man that I had talked to in 2012 while I lived with Perry in San Diego, if you still remember him. REmember I still stayed there after he broke up with me? Anyway, I started talking to this man on the same dating site that I met Perry cos I renewed my membership when Perry dumped me. The man was from San Francisco, he seemed nice enough but too busy to be consistent with it. I wasn't trying to be in a long distance anything anyway, so  I would respond whenever he emailed me. We lost touch for about a year and I heard from him again last year, while living in Las Vegas. He asked to exchanged pictures etc. I thought nothing of it but just did as asked. He sent me his pictures, he has beautiful skin and very blue eyes. I wasn't trying to be in a relationship with him still though. When he emailed me again just as  I was planning to go to SF, I told him he must be clairvoyant! He was excited to hear that we stood a chance to finally meet. I was looking forward to it as well. Just a lunch or drinks or something with someone I had been talking to for almost three years. He sent me a link to an article about him. It was a newspaper article on how he single-handedly  turned San Francisco metre taxis or cabs green. San Fran is now the number one greenest cab city in the US, beating even New York. It was an interesting article and very impressive that someone could be that driven. I really was looking forward to meeting up with him.

He told me to let him know when I was in town.

My ticket was booked a few weeks before my actual departure date. During that time, I had someone show interest in staying at my place. His name, we shall call, Brian. He wanted to stay for a week. I thought that was great. I was planning on leaving that week, but that didn't deter me. It was nice to know that while I was paying to stay somewhere, someone was going to be paying to stay at my place. Winning!

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