Wednesday, May 04, 2016

Halloween Carnival

Prior to the desert trip , it was Halloween. Calvin wanted us to go to West Hollywood. That suited me perfectly because it's up the road from my apartment. I made a little something for us to eat. I had never cooked for him before, so I thought it was going to be nice to make something for both us for dinner, seeing as he was going to be coming from work and it was around dinner time. I made something quick, rice with a couple of veggies and pilchards. I love pilchards, all kinds of fish anyways!

My First time cooking meal for Calvin
The food came out great! I took a quick shower and put on my new dress! Remember the one he bought me in this post ?

Selfie before Calvin gets here!

I put on my nice perfume and waited for him to arrive. Poor Calvin was stuck in LA traffic! Sorry, boo! That's what I go through whenever I am the one doing the drive to your house! He finally arrived.... Dressed to the Nines! I had never seen him in a suit before! We had been to church together and everything but this time he went all out! He had on a nice lilac shirt and a nice suit, and a nice fedora. Fedoras are his thing, he also likes suspenders. I was besides myself when I saw him at the door! My mouth was literally on the floor! Good thing the floor was gone and all the poopage was gone! Calvin took off his Jacket and looked so Broadway in his fedora, moustache and suspenders. He looked like he was about to jazz dance.

I considered using some of the photos for headshots, so I asked Calvin to take a few 

We sat and ate. He enjoyed the food and paid me plenty of compliments on the fish, he was like what's in that sauce? Usually, he can tell you what's in anything from the smell, sometimes taste, this time, he couldn't and I loved it. Hell, I couldn't either. I added a mixture of spices and sauces.
I love this dress, The cleavage window gives me life

After eating, he was laying on the couch relaxed, I was full too, I didn't care if we what's the past tense of forgo? didn't go to the Halloween festivities, I was ok just chilling with my beau at home. He told me that he wanted to have something to tell his colleagues the following day at work, we had to go. Ok! Let's the thing was kind of a big deal, millions of people were at the event, there was going to be live music and the street was closed off for the event. Might as well go, right?

The stage behind me. Halloween Carnaval

The WeHo Stands for West Hollywood
As you can see I was in flats at this point, I took off my shoes when I realised that we had to do a little walking. There was no parking closeby, between the streets being closed and the fact that we arrived kinda late, we had to park far. Not that far but far enough for me to get the itches when walking. Nightmare of all nightmares! If only, I knew beforehand when this dog on itch was going to take place! I've had it all my life and I still don't know what triggers it. At this point, I suspect that it has something to do with walking after having just taken a shower. I need to be those people who shower the night before for the following day but uhm, that doesn't make sense to someone of my weight, with a couple of folds and the vjj. All that requires a little freshening up before going out. Or if you're going to have company.

We walked around the Halloween street, did some people watching. The outfits were crazy, as you can guess. I needed a few stops to calm down the itch that wouldn't go away. The air was nice and fresh outside and I think that makes my skin sting, ugh, who cares! Calvin felt bad for me, he wanted to scratch it. I have never had someone try to scratch it for me. It was a nice gesture but it felt very strange. I asked him not to talk about it or entertain it, let's focus on the fun night we were having. 

Eventually, we headed back to the car. I sat in there and felt the tingles wash away. Perfect moment ever! Then we drove home. 

We got home and chilled. Always nice being in my man's arms!


  1. Can't believe you have been together this long and you never cooked for him before. Pity you can't find samp so you can make him a Xhosa cuisine;)

    You look nice in that dress.

    Shame did you enjoy the carnival at all then with the tingles?

    1. Girl! I wasn't trying to be nobody's chef! He's a great cook, let him cook for me!
      They have something kinda like samp, it's Mexican, called Hominy. I've only seen it in cans, though.
      Thank you😃
      I enjoyed being out there with my boo. The tingles tried it! But I win! All day, everyday!
      Thanks for asking 😉

    2. Hahaha. You ride on the wave of being cooked for;).