Saturday, May 14, 2011

Georgian Maybe Time

Blogger has been down for the past few days. Which is great cos I so wanted to post stuff as it happened. Now I'm not there anymore.
It's Sunday morning.
Thursday, I got yet another email that my massage boss' reference letter will not be "strong enough" for a teaching position in Georgia. The headache started all over again. I emailed my former manager in Durban, he didn't return my mail. Friday, I tried one more time to contact the references in my cv and after some hard-to-get, one of my former managers, the one that had not returrned my email, sent me a very good reference to my email. I was so excited to have finally got it, I kept going over it. Instead of forwarding to the agent. I eventually did, in the evening. It was, after all, the time that they'd be at the office, time difference, considered.
She was so excited as well! She has since forwarded all my stuff through to Georgia and we're now waiting for the final result which she will tell me as soon as she receives.
What could go wrong now? Please tell me, this is it!
Friday night I went to bed relieved, having finally, sent all my paperwork through, can you say 'whew!'?
I also got a call that we'd be going on another road trip Saturday. This time to the Vaal triangle. My sis got pd, we went grocery shopping with her and my nephew. That was a fun trip as well. At night, we had kfc and desert. Which helps what with my pms induced large appetite for all things greasy. We tried to watch a bit of the movie Smart people with Dennis Quaid. We ended up talking about life and things. Went to bed around 12pm.
Yesterday, I was up at 4. Soon after that my nephew came home with a friend. Made some food, played some music in his room and chatted a bit. I dozed off around 5. At 5:10, the alarm went off. Grrrrrr! I got ready and we left. Not after we had to know on people's doors, trying to get them to move their cars as they had parked my sis in. She dropped me off. I changed into a dirty white t shirt, which I later had to change into something else for that reason, and a black skirt, took my massage stuff, hopped into my car and left for where I was to meet the gang. I did, we waited for another chick for about 15 and left for the vaal. An hour later, we arrived at this beautiful guest house, which has the Vaal river as it's back yard. It was amazing! And freezing cols. I gave 3X30min back massages a hand massage and a long foot massage. The massage was long, not the foot! ;)
We then left. My colleague said she'd buy my massage when I leave (hopefully I will leave for Ge). She also wants to come over to my place and view my stuff to see what else she can take.
Asanda, an old friend of mine frm the AA came over fto view stuff and it's nice to know she'll take some stuff. The big stuff, most importantly. I've just gotta sell my sleeper couch and ottoman now, the rest are nick nacks. Hopefully cash converters will buy the rest.
My sis came to pick me up at mine. I drove home, dropped my friend at a taxi on the way, and home we went.
I had samoosa's for dinner and a slice of cheese;).
My sis and her son had an explosive dramatic session, I freaked out and eventually fell asleep more than an hour later. Around 11.
I've been up since 4:30. I haven't got any plans for the day, but for some reason, I just keep getting up at these ungodly hrs!
There's an audition going on in town since yesterday. It's for a show called dybo (dance your butt off) inspired by the american dance your ass off dance show for fat people who literally dance their weight off.
I've always wanted to be a part of that show, but now, I'm not up to waiting in queues and auditioning only to have to go to Georgia in less than a mnth. My family says I should audition anyway, I don't know. The other discouraging factor is that it's an open casting. Which means anyone can go. Imagine the queues! It would've been nice if they did the first casting online and did call backs in person.
My nephew waltzed in at 5 today, with 2friends. The friend from yesterday and a chick. He cooked some food in the microwave, they chilled a bit. Now they're out, walking the girl to res. My niece is out. She went to a funeral Friday afternoon (her friend's aunt's). I believe she'll be back today. My sis is in her room sleeping, I suppose. I'm on the couch in the lounge, listening to the most annoying sound of a plumbing hick up coming from the toilet. Maybe I'll watch the rest or atleast a bit of smart people. I don't know why I'm so sleepy! Could it be because I just had a slab of choc? Chocolate makes me sleepy.
I just got an email frm Ayanda, my friend from Durban. She wants to celebrate her birthday this side (Joburg) in October, she wanted to to let me know. Hopefully I'll be (freezing my hinds off) in Georgia by then!

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