Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Home, sweet home?

I've since come back to my shared apartment. My sis and her daughter, my niece, dropped me off. My niece is taking driving classes. So she drove us:).
I did some sorting out. Which included going to Cash converters to make an appointment for them to come check my stuff out, so they can buy whatever's price we agree upon.
That was Monday, the 9th. Apparently, I'll hear from them by the end of the week. Now, it's the waiting game.
I've got a job today, Wednesday, the 11th. We'll be doing massage at a corporate event out of town. Fun times! That means road trip to the event and back! The best part is, we won't meet at the usual spot which is far from me. Last time I went there, I got stuck in the storm on my way back. Story for another day! Today we'll meet at the mall just up the road from me. Which means, I can literally walk there and I WILL!
I also touched base with my friends who pomised to Buy some of why household stuff. One made an appointment to come view the stuff on Saturday. This is her 2nd appointment in 2weeks, last time she never showed, never called. So we'll see.

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