Monday, May 23, 2011

Junk Food and the South African Music Awards (SAMA's)

Saturday was a lazy day at home until midday, when we got ready to go out with my sis.
She said she'd pick us up at 2 and was here at 3. African time! By then, we'd even changed our outfits because it was getting cold and we had new shoes on, which we had to change just in case they weren't as comfy as we'd hoped.
My sis drove! We got to Eastgate, window shopped for training shoes for her. She's a gymn fanatic and a health freak! Something we don't share, she and I:).
Then it was junk food shopping time! We bought all sorts of pastries! From pies, to bread, to garlic rolls, pizza, you name it! Omg, it was bad!
When we got home, I had hot chips and a green apple. The latter to clear my conscience. I had the rest Sunday morning for breakfast. And made an excuse that I was going to massage a client and thus, deserved to eat lost of bad stuff cos it 'work' it all off!
My sister bought me a cute red and beige suitcase! I took a pic, but the thing's not photogenic!
It was a lovely surprise:).
We watched the SAMA's (south african music awards) and slept after 11pm. The awards were whack, disorganised and people were rude, and insulting to each other. Trying to do a kanye West on us. Not cute!
Needless to say, I tweeted the ones I had something to say to and told them exactly how I felt!

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