Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Massage Road trip

Today, I got up at 5:30 in order to make 7 o 'clock at Cresta where I'd meet up with the other therapists and get on the road to Randfontein. For some reason, I lost track of time and before I knew it, it was 6:55! And I was still at home! I had meant to walk there. It's less than a ten minute walk. Oh well, I ended up driving because I was late.
What a wonderful group of people! We drove for an hour and started working about 30mins later. And boy did we work! We gave 10min Indian head massages to municipal workers. Of all the jobs I've ever done, this is the one I value the most. If anybody needs a massage, it's definitely these guys! They work on the roads, fixing them up, cleaning the streets, picking the trash up, the works! I'm proud of the work we did, if I must say so myself!
We drove back for another hour. This time I didn't suffer as much motion sickness as earlier.
I got to my place, packed a small bag and I left for my sis' couch. That's where I am typing from right now. On her couch, fully clothed, I even slept with my boots on! Shame huh? Nobody even thought to take them off or wake me up and tell me to get ready for bed seeing as I fell asleep while the kids were watching tv. By kids, I mean, my 25 year old nephew and 23yr old niece. Oh well, it is what it is what it is!
My massage boss offered to do the Letter of reference for me! My sister had earlier suggested I ask my agent whom I've worked for for a while and his casting director friend that I still work for. For some reason, my brain froze and I didn't think of these guys when it was time for LOR's. I think that's because I wanted work that's related to teaching and volunteering as that's related. Hopefully all my stuff will be together by the deadline of May 18th. Suffice to say, I'm over this paperwork story. I may be patient, but this is enough to thin anyone's patients out.
I emailed the agent back at 3 in the morning (yesterday to find out a few things) and they didn't come back to me. I guess they don't only work on my stuff. It's just that I've grown used to getting my responses promptly from them. Oh well.
I've still got such a headache since last night, sleeping uncomfortably on the couch after 6hrs of massage work can do that to a person.

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