Monday, May 16, 2011

One month to go?

That's if I'll get accepted in GE. I'm still on that positive thinking spree of mine;).
I don't know what happens to the time at my sisters, but Gosh, does it fly! I copied some movies frm my sis Pru and have kept them with me for almost a week now. I just can't get myself to the post office to mail the USB. It's pathetic because she mailed me something after I'd already copied the movies and I believe it'll be here today. Which means I've got to post her stuff when collecting the parcel.
Yesterday, I cried! Just kidding! But have you read that book by Iyanla Vanzant? If not, you should! It's an great page turner autobiography. And boy does it make you cry as well!
Back to yesterday! I ended up cooking tripe! For the first time EVER! That thing took 5hrs to cook! Count them! FIVE! I also made dumplings with it FOR THE FIRS TIME:). The dish came out so well, I was super psyched with myself. Compliments didn't hurt either!
What was meant to be lunch, ended up being early dinner. Seemingly my pms has come to an end because I didn't crave weird stuff anymore. Whoopie! I know I talk a lot about pms, but it's a huge deal with me. I've one of THOSE!
I got an email frm the agent stating Georgia is reviewing my application and they wanted to know if I can move my departure date frm 15th to the 7th. I had to politely decline because there's still so much for me to sort out and sell and I still have to visit the family before I leave. I need time for all that. As it is I've only got less than a mnth left. If they can confirm already! I'd be the happiest man alive! (Yeah I said it! Man ;) ).
My sis is going back to work today, after 3 to 4 weeks away because of her illness. Hopefully it's going to be a nice, stress free day for her. Tomorrow's a public holiday! You've got to love South Africa for those! Which means, she'll get a day off and then back to work for 2more, then weekend. Which is not so bad.
My plans for today, are going to the post office to post the said USB. My niece will relax my hair :D. And I'll probably go to the internet cafe to hang out or something.
My friend said she'll come through on Saturday to collect the TV, which means I've to do the massage with my no.1 client on Friday. Hopefully it will be the last time this year. Not because I'm over him, but because I need to not be here for a while:).
My room mate as also asked for some prices, hopefully she'll take some big items and reduce the load for me.
This is such a hectic time for me, I tell ya!

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