Saturday, May 28, 2011

Packing and moving out

My gosh, is this going to be a hectic coupe of weeks or what?
I've to move out by Tuesday, it's Sunday, I've 3days to pack for Georgia and to move out.
I'm trying not to stress. My facebook status this morning is 'Worry is a 100% waste of emotion. It will not change the future. It just ruins today.' Which I clearly need to keep revisiting myself as a self proclaimed worrier.

I bought my suitcases yesterday, I thought I'd be cute and carry a set of matching suitcases. Well! After packing the biggest one to the brim, I rolled it to the bathroom, scale on tow and BAM! 25kg! ONE SUITCASE! And that's not even everything! About 40 outfits (yeah, I counted them. I'm a counter!). No shoes, not handbags, no books, nothing! Not even all the clothes I plan to take along! I've had to put some aside because I'll still be around for 2weeks, you know? And I'm going for a shoot on the 1st, I need clothes for that as well. Oh dear!

As if packing for a year in a country I've never been is not enough, I'm moving out as well. I'm expecting Asa late this morning to come collect the tv, washing machine and fridge. Which means, good bye to my favorite piece of furniture: my custom made King size bed! And that I'll pack on the couch frm now on.

I'm writing this instead of packing in an attempt to not worry. Not sure yet if it's working because I'm still writing, so yeah. Pens down!