Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Reference Letters Grrrrrrr!

So I finally managed to get my reference letterf for Georgia and my police clearance on time. It takes 6weeks in South Africa, and I got mine in 4! Record time! Proud moment? Kind of!
I sent the stuff through and had a weird feeling instead of a relieved one. I got a confirmation at night from the agent. Time difference means they start working at 6pm, my time. He told me the agent that's dealing with me will come back to me. I assume she was off from work.

This is why I went shopping for a Bar One Cake that I didn't get! See previous entry. When I've nailed that "click here" html thing, I'll do it and have a more fancy blog. For now, on my blackberry, we'll stick to the basics. As it is I've to post the same entry 3 or 4 times for the post to be a success. I don't want to confuse myself any further!
Anyway, 5days later, I got an email frm the agent! Both my reference letters are not up to par! I need to replace one all together and the other one is illegible. That one has to be typed over as it was handwritten. I knew it! Good thing I didn't celebrate, huh?
I've just emailed 2previous employers. Hopefully there's still with the companies AND are still using those email addresses :(

After all this hard work,these Georgian people had better accept me!

I'm going back to sleep. I've got to be up in 2hrs for work!

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