Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Renault Ad - on a Billboard Near You!

The day finally arrived for me to shoot the Renault advert. Fortunately, I hadn't lost all my hair that's been falling all over the show since it was planted last week (fake dreadlocks). I was so self conscious when I arrived at the location thinking I'd be bust and fired. Soon as I arrived, the make up artist said, "hello Brook". I was chuff! I still was recognisable!
She later told me how she picked me herself from the my portfolio on my agent's website. She said she loved my smile! And my personality!
Nice compliment! Wish I'd known that before I spent all that money, doing my hair, cos my agent told me they chose me for it!
Anyway, things could've been worse.

We were 5, 3guys and 2chicks. It was a short shoot, but we started hours since our arrival. What a nice bunch of people to work with! I enjoyed every minute of it!

Apparently this ad will be on the newspapers, the Sunday times lifestyle magazine, internet, Renault website, and the BILLBOARDS! Yessss! I've always wanted to be on billboards. At least I'll leave something behind in south africa,for all my friends and family! I believe the ad will be out around the 10th of June. That's around the same time I'll leave. Hopefully I'll spot it at the airport before I leave or something:)
Now this was a wish come true! Thank you Father!

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