Thursday, May 19, 2011

Renault Print Advertisement

I got a call from my casting agent and he told me I've been booked for a Renault Print Ad. Exciting stuff. Then he called and asked me what my hair is like because they liked my hair in my portfolio. Dreadlocks! That I cut off 2years ago! I've been meaning to change my portfolio pictures for months! Ah well! It still would've been tricky considering I change my hair style quite frequently.
I've had to go to the salon and have fake dreads planted and hope for the best.
The shoot's supposed to be this afternoon. I got a call yesterday afternoon and was informed that it's been moved to next Wednesday. Hopefully, it won't be moved again, until such time that I can't make it. I don't particularly like this hairstyle and my scalp hurts like hell. I hardly slept last night! I'm glad the shoot has been moved, for that reason. I should be fine soon. I should sleep well tonight. *hold thumbs*

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