Monday, May 23, 2011

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Sunday was bitter sweet for me.
I'd to get up around 7. To get ready to go to my place and pick my massage stuff up, and drive to the client. This is a regular client of mine that I've had for a little over a year now. He has brought me some more clients. He's from the States and comes to South Africa, every month or 2 for work. Whenever he's here, he gets a massage. I've massaged his colleagues as well. They all pay me well, double what I charge. Which is always nice:).
I had to say my final goodbyes in case I leave for GE next month and not get to see him in a year or ever again. I suck at goodbyes!
I tried to act all formal, shake his hand and look him in the eye, but it was hard! I just wanted to ball my eyes out:(
From there, back to mine, unpacked the car, and he cupboards and fridge, walked half a km to the mall to meet sis. Drope to the supermarket, guess what we bought? No prizes though!
Junk food! My treat! Hot chips, boerewors (boer is Afrikaans for farmer and wors is Africans for sausage. And no it's not made out of farmers! Contrary to popular belief, We don't eat other humans in South Africa!) And a 2L tub of vanilla and caramel ice cream. Utter divinity:).
we had lunch, and drove to Mc Donald's. My sis and I hung out there for about an hour or so. We ordered uhm nothing! When it got cold, we drove back home and hung out in the car for about 2hours. Good times!
----> home, dinner, some tv and bed. Done! :)

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