Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Laundry Day

Yesterday, Tuesday, 10th May.

It's 3am: South African time! Just so you know :). I'm using this opportunity to update my blog as I've got serious network issues at this place of mine :(.

Yesterday, I did 4 loads of laundry, which should have been 5 or 6. But I did what I always do: overloaded the washing machine:).

I tried to aim for three loads. ..The last load was a problem, because the machine was so overloaded, it wouldn't spin; so I HAD to split it into two, which is how I ended up with 4loads. Who washes a king size comforter with other stuff in a 6kg front loader? Me! I hear top loaders are more roomy and cheaper, but I had always wanted a front loader, it looks better and saves space because you can put stuff on top fof it, as opposed to a top loader.

I then grilled some chicken in the oven that  I'd never used. Apparently the only heat setting that works is High, which means you've either gotta stand by the oven and keep turning your meat over or risk burning it. (your meat not the stove setting lol). This,  I learnt the hard way! I then sat in front of the tv to watch Tyra. I did watch the first half of the show and all I could hear was shhhhhhhhhhshhhh! As the tv was out of tune. Great!   The 2nd part, I listened to, because I could finally hear what they were saying but could not see a thing. It's a choice I had to make! thanks old TV Set!  The signal was bad for the rest of the afternoon.

I was worried about missing the Oprah show but, Fortunately, Oprah was talking about JFK, so I missed nothing there. I'm not into politics, thankfully, nor history.

TV off, time to fight with my Blackberry signal! Between the TV and the Blackberry, I can't with this signal! I need a break!  I lost this fight and dozed off heartbroken.

All in all, it was an OK day. I hope you had a better one!

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