Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Blonde Moment

I slept right through the night last night. I was up around 5. That's good for me,because either I sleep around 1/2am and wake up at 6/7 or will sleep early and be up from midnight until 4 and then sleep for one more hour.
Anyway, I watched The Real Housewives of Orange County for a bit and rushed through my morning routine. The rush is part of the routine. It 's the part I'd like to lose. I've literally only been on time two times in the month that I've worked at the school. Luckily for me, when I get to school, I usually find out thaty the first class had been cancelled or moved, or something. However, it's still a bad habit!

I start at 9:50 today. That's the class I'm usually late for! 9:00 is never a problem, it's the 50 that I can't calculate well. I left the house and people just wanted to chat me up on the way. I left at twenty to and it takes me 15 minutes, so I was already late. First, my host mom thought it would be cute to have the 3yr old calling me out the window as I walked away to school. I kept looking back, but cos I was rushing, and you have to look down when walking here, or you'll trip and fall, that's how bad the roads are, I just gave up and walked on.

Later on, a random Old man, said 'Superrrr! Delicious!' Then a woman, halted as she walked past. I was praying inside: please don't talk to me, please don't talk to me! I've got to get to work! Prayer not answered this time around! She stopped! And talked to me in Russian. That's English to them. They're convinced the whole world has Russian as a 2nd language. News flash! She asked me something. I just said 'sorry, I don't understand'. Because if I'd said it in Georgian, that would've started a whole another conversation 'Kartuli itsi? Georgia like? Khachapuri like? Khinkali like?'. I do didn't have time for that!

As I approached the school, I saw that people were still gathered outside. I was like, 'wait a minute! Maybe I've mastered this walk and it now only takes me ten mins instead of 15'. So proud! I quickly checked the time, it was 8:55! I'd have still been 5 minutes late, it does STILL take me 15mins to get to school, it's just that I left AN HOUR EARLY! Whaaaatttt!? I contained myself and decided 'I'm not telling anybody! That'll give them something to talk about! - small wonder she was on time! She's never on time, blah. And I wouldn't blame them. Tardiness isn't cute!'.

I guess I'll just chill at the cafeteria for a bit until my first lesson. Oh well!

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