Friday, October 07, 2011

Finally got a lock on my door! Or did I?

I finally plucked up the courage (or anger) and asked my host family for a lock on my bedroom door!
Host dad said he'd see what he could do. I left for work the next day, and kind of expected to find it on after work. Nope!

Day after that, I came home, nice and hungry and sat at the table for lunch. He showed me the new lock. A full on lock! Big with a handle and everything! My door already has a handle and they're not that well off, I didn't want them to waste money on locks for rooms they don't use. Plus, my host dad's Music system is in my room. Apparently, he does come into my room when I'm gone and listens to the music. That's normal in Georgia!

I suggested he returned that lock and buy a Latch instead. That way, I can lock it when I'm in my room and need my privacy and they can still gain access to the room when I'm not around. He seemed surprised that that's all I wanted. Well, if they'd listened to me when I tried to explain why I want a lock (besides the fact that it's one of the requirements from a hosting family), instead of being defensive, and dramatic, they would've known. Anyway, he instisted on installing that lock because he said it wasn't expensive, and it's better than a latch. it didn't work out because somehow that latch was too big or whatever. These doors aren't really meant for locks. Believe it or not. Which is super weird because coming from South Africa, all the doors have locks. Even though people don't budge in on each other over there.

He returned the big lock and said he'd buy the latch the next day. He did. And kept it in the packaging and showed it to me that evening when I got home. I'd have preferred to see it on the door already! He told me to keep it, he would install it the next day. Which he didn't. I came home to find it still stewing on my dining table (I sleep in the dining room, remember?).

I'm not chilling in my room, it's freezing outside, I'm in my dressing gown, watching a move (Sex and the City II ). Host dad decided to come do the latch thing. Now! Host mom is doing her Georgian lessons in the kitchen, so I can't go in there.
He walked in, I was on the phone. He talked to me, while I was on the phone. All normal over here. I didn't even see the need to do a consultation, it 's his house! Afterwards, he wanted to turn my PC off. I'm not sure why, but hey! So I'm trying to talk on the phone and put the pc on standby. He's telling me 'no, no! Babala! Shut down!'. He didn't even know what I was going to do, whether I was going to shut it down, hibernate or what. He just said, no no! Don't restart! I wasn't going to. But he just assumed that, I, as a woman, don't know how to use computers. Hello! It's mine! I've had it for years! How have I been managing all along without you? He took the plug out and I subsequently lost the movie. And probably everything else I was working on online.

While I was on the phone, he kept dropping the screws, swearing them, searching for them, finding them and while picking one up, would drop another one and the cycle would start all over again. Whew!

Fortunately, I was done on the phone before he started drilling and made my teeth hurt so much. I'm glad it's over!

I can now lock my door when I'm in here and live in peace and not freak out whenever I hear footsteps or my host mom's voice coming my way, when I'm changing. And I can easily ignore her when I want, without her walking in and switching the light on.

Of course she came in as soon as the husband finished, she didn't knock! I looked at her with a smile that said: enjoy it while it lasts mummy!

My teeth still hurt.

I should be going dancing with a friend, but, maybe not. It's too cold outside. Let me get back to my PC. Wish me luck in finding the exact spot I stopped with my movie.

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