Monday, October 03, 2011

Hanging out With The President

OMG is it October already!
 Molly's host dad picked me up from the freeway. My lift waited until he got there, which was very kind of him as it was freezing outside. Gori's beautiful! Much bigger than I expected.
 I'd talked to Clint before and he told me that he and Martyna were going to hitch hike to Tbilisi for the teacher's excursion. While on the way to Molly's house, Clint called. They talked for a bit, then Molly handed me the phone. Clint told me they were in Gori. Apparently they somehow ended up there, but it wasn't planned. He said he thought he'd let us know 'just in case!'. He said that over and over again. I asked, 'Clint, do you guys need somewhere to stay for the night?'. He said he thought they'd be ok, but thought he'd call us 'just in case'. Ok, bye Clint! Seriously, because I'm from Batumi and there wasn't much I could do for him there. And it's very tricky with them because they're an unmarried couple. Which is something very frowned upon here.
 I met Molly's family. They're sweet, and speak a bit of English, their house is BEAUTIFUL! And HUGE! I was soooo cold, by then!
 They leave their shoes at the entrance, I had to do the same. My socks were wet! My feet were frozen! Ugh! We had a supra. The food was very very nice!
 While we were having dinner, host dad made fire in the fire place. Yay!
 We sat around the fire and chatted with the family. I like Molly's family. They're cool! We checked out some Youtube videos and some dance videos of the host bro. He's a professional hip hop dancer in Turkey.
 Before I went to Gori, I asked a few people who live in and around Tbilisi to host me. Jeniffer was one of them, she lives in Gori. She told me she couldn't host me because she was going to stay in town for the weekend. To ask some random guys from Tbilisi because her friend from Tbilisi has moved. I didn't. I don't know that guy well enough to ask to stay over at his.
 Fortunately Molly agreed to host me.
 I got a call from Jennifer asking me if I was I Gori. She said she would've hosted me if she knew I wanted a place to stay in Gori. Uhm, didn't I ask her to host me? Where else would she have hosted me? She lives in Gori and only in Gori! Anyway, she told me she and her family were going to a party. I asked if Molly and I were invited. She didn't think that would be a problem and said she'd call me as soon as she knew where the party was going to be held. She called back two minutes later and told me to ask Molly to call some random guy and ask him where the Read bar or whatever was because that's where other teachers usually hang out. I asked if she was there as well, she said she wasn't, she was at her family's party. Never mind! I asked her if any of her friends could give Clintyna a place to stay the night. She told me she'd find out, I asked her to call Clint back if she came right. Later on, she texted me and asked if Clint found a place to crash. I don't know where from! Because she's the one from Gori not me. I called Clint to find out. He told me they came alright. They were already in Tbilisi. He confirmed the meeting place for the next day, and said to call him the next morning, in case he overslept.
 I updated Jen on Clintyna's situation. She asked me what my plans were for the night. I rest my case!
 We went to sleep around midnight and woke up early for 7am when we were supposed to leave for Tbilisi. We were supposed to meet up and leave for Kakheti at 9am. Gori is an hour and a half from Tbilisi.
 Something told me to take all my stuff with me in case I ended up sleeping elsewhere Saturday night. I thanked the family and we left the house at 7:15. Molly's host dad took us to the taxi.
 We made it just in time in Tbilisi! 9 o'clock on the dot! Clint was already there, with Martyna. I bumped into Martyna's friend on the way there, whom I'd texted 2days prior and she didn't get back to me. She had the general Georgian friendly smile, that means nothing to me if I don't know where I stand with you. You bet I asked her why she didn't return my text. She said she had no excuse. I know she didn't. Or did she?
 She and Martyna were going to try and see if they could catch a lift with us to Kakheti, and maybe get to meet the president as well. They're not with our organisation. They were lucky because they got a lift to Kakheti but were not allowed inside the event venue. It was interesting to see that. Considering we were kicked out of the company buses a few weekend's ago and we just wanted a 5minute ride. They got a ride for 2 and a half hours. Double standards. But it's Georgia. There's nothing anyone can do about it.
 Martyna and her friend hitch hiked to a neighbouring town where Clint would catch up with them later. Security checked our passports, bags and belongings. Think, Airport security checks! They're were police officers all over the place. The president was coming!
 He landed on his helicopter half an hour or so later. Some people got to meet him, and take pictures with him. The whole gig was disorganised. Just like all tlg gigs. I was recorded 'making' Georgian bread, that clip ended up on TV.  I got calls from my Georgian friends and host mom. They were so excited to have seen me on TV. It was my second time on Georgian TV in 2months.
 At lunch, we were lucky if we had a piece of bread. They didn't have enough food for us. I got an impression they were expecting half the number of people that showed up. Oh well, here we are! We didn't die! So so disorganised! We left a few hours later! The ride back was much longer for me.
 While in Kakheti, I found out that Molly couldn't host me for the second night. Apparently, she told her family, I would be there just for a night. No problem, Jennifer will host me, she said she would've if she knew I was going to Gori and not Tbilisi. I called her. She said she'd ask her host mom. 3hours later, I asked what they said, she said nothing yet. Uhm, did you just pitch the idea and let them digest it? Like, I don't get it! 'Yes, she just walked away!'. Do you think she'll say yes? You know her, is it looking good? 'I don't know, I'll ask her again later'. I didn't buy it. But whatever.
 Later on, I got a text and a call. Jen told me her family said no because the host mom's sister was coming to town that night.
 Molly said if I didn't find a place to stay that night, she'd ask her family again.
 I didn't, so I told her. She went pale in the face. It wasn't looking good. I never thought it could be so hard to find a place to stay, what with having so many friends! Clearly, I know who my friends are now! Molly seemed reluctant. I told her not to worry about it. When I did, she said she can call the house. You know what I hate the most? Amongst a whole lot of other things I hate the most! It's people who promise something with the hope that you won't need it and when you do, they tell you how they won't be able to come through for you. That drives me nuts!
 One of my friends suggested I book a hostel that night and hitch hike the next day. That way, we'd all hang out in Tbilisi that night. Then I overheard her discussing with her friend that they were going to go straight home. Which means I'd to book a hostel and go hang out by myself basically. When I asked her about that, she said she had a headache.
 I booked the midnight train back to Batumi and forgot about fake people. When we got back to Tbilisi, after booking our train tickets, Molly and I joined a crew from Kutaisi. A bunch of nice, grown up people. Thank God! We had a nice time at Bude bar. We left at 11pm and almost missed our train. I got the cheapest ticket, GEL 5.50 (R22) not bad for an 8 hour trip!
 Molly got off an hour and a half or so later in Gori, I slept in the freezing cols. I tried to find the guys renting out the blankets, instead I just kept bumping into weirdos inviting me to their compartments. I was like, never mind! I put on all the clothes I had in my bag and slept like a baby. Ok, not really, but I slept-ish. We arrived in Batumi at 8:20 am. We left Tbilisi at 23:50. It was a long ride. It will be a while before I take the train again.
 I took a random but that turned out to be going to the airport. A nice lady told me where to get off to find the right bus for my direction. I recognised where I was. It was about 1.5km from my place. I walked home. Bought something to eat on the way. When I arrived at the house, I was half asleep, sooo tired and still recovering from motion sickness. I couldn't use my key, their key was inside the lock. That got me worked up! My host mom was so excited to see her little celebrity, she hugged and kissed me in the cheek. I just wanted to yell at her about the key that she always leaves on the lock. What's the point of giving me my own key if I can't use it? What if I'd arrived at 1am? Anyway, I fake smiled and went straight to my room. Chatted to my lovely sister on email, had breakfast and slept.
 I woke up 4hours later and watched the rest of the bachelorette.
 I was shocked with the results. My favourite didn't win. I believe he'll have his own Bachelor season, so I'll get to see more of him. Can't wait. Unfortunately, that'll only be next year.  Who knows where I'll be then?
 I watched an episode of the Real L Word. A lesbian reality show. Boring. I won't be watching that again. Or will I? Who knows? I'm in Georgia!


Anonymous said...

Sorry about Saturday night. I really, really did try to call. I really couldn't get anyone until about 7 in the evening, on the metro...

Babalwa Brook said...

It's ok :)