Monday, October 03, 2011

A night out in Batumi

 I had a long day at school. Which 2 hour breaks inbetween and ended up leaving after 5pm, since I started at 9am. I went straight home.
 Host mom had her private lesson in the evening, and asked me to teach her English at 8. 8PM! 20:00! I hesitantly agreed. And went to bed.
 At 8pm, I went to the kitchen to teach my host mom English and she was busy baking bread. She said to give her ten minutes. I suggested we do the lesson the next day.
 She wasn't around Thursday morning, and I had the morning off, I only started work at 2pm. After work, Lo, my friend from the UK, who's also based in Batumi and I went for a walk. When we needed the bathroom, she suggested we go to the Intourist hotel. So we did of course! And met an Israeli old man at the shoe shiner or whatever that shoe shinning thing is called. It was my first time seeing that thing so yeah:).
 Lo almost bought a ring, but the lady wouldn't lower the price. And when we saw the exact same ring priced a third of the price she charged the rest, she said it was a mistake and refused to let her have it for the price she saw. On our way to the beach, we saw a cool stall with nice affordable stuff. So Lo bought herself a nice right there. We met an Iranian couple. Very nice guy! He gave Lo his number and said to call him when she's there and he'll be her tour guide. Now I want to go to Iran:).
 We parted ways, Lo and I bought a cob of Maize from a street stall. It was weird. Too soft for me. But I have had much yummier ones here. We sat not too far from the beach and talked about life in Georgia. Especially being black here. We were interepted a few times by people asking to take photos with us to post on the net. Lo doesn't like to have her photo taken. I don't mind. I prefer that to someone staring at me for hours. I'm not sure why they'd want to post our pictures online. There are so many pictures of black people online!
 My host mom called me around 9 to check up on me. We went home not too long thereafter. I got home after 10pm. It was a nice day!
 When I got home, host mom wasn't home. she later got back, let herself into my room, turned the light on and tried to talk to me while I was on the phone. I had to ask her to switch the light off. She did and left. Then I overheard her talking about teaching and English. I suppose she was complaining because I didn't teach her English as promised. I promised to teach her before I went to school. She wasn't home then!
 Since then, when she wants to come to my room, because I never have the light on, I use the PC light, as that's always on, she turns the light in the passage on, just outside my door. It's so bright! It's blinding! Blight lights give me headaches. That's a good sized chandelier and bright as hell! So she turns that on, and then walks into my room, no knocking, NOTHING! When she's done talking to me, she turns that light off.
 I'm going to ask them to put a lock with a key on my door. She might get offended, because that means, I want to keep her out of my room as she's the only other person that comes to my room. But it is what it is. According to the contract, we should have lockable doors with keys.
 Friday, 23 Sept
 I had Friday off. According to my schedule, Fridays should be off, but you never know. I take everything one day at a time. So last Friday, I was free. I stayed home the whole day, sick as a dog! I watched Gigolos, So You Think You Can Dance and Millionaire Matchmaker. Fun times!
 I only left the house once, to buy Lunch, banana and yoghurt. A small tub of yoghurt is 1Lari (R4). Parmalat size! That's way more expensive than home! A banana is also the same price. Which is a lot. In South Africa, you can get a kg of bananas for that much!
 I snuck my food in and ate quietly, or else, I'd have offended people. They take it personally when you don't eat their food. I needed a break from bread and this, bread and that, bread bread BREAD! Oh and hair all over the place, on the table top, in the food, in your mouth, between your teeth. Ok maybe, I exaggerate, but I'm lucky to not find hair in the food when I don't.

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