Monday, October 03, 2011

Ramblings about Georgian Teachers and host family

On Monday 26th Sept,
  I still felt sick. Y had told me not to go to school if I didn't feel so good. Also, because I work with children, I wouldn't have wanted to spread what I had. I stayed in. Which made it a 4day weekend. I watched a whole lot of millionaire matchmaker and Celebrity rehab. I literally, stayed in bed the whole day. My whole body was sore, and I was coughing and sneezing and doing all sorts of gross stuff. I texted one of my co-teachers, S. The one I got the flu from and asked her which meds she bought from the chemist because she came to work feeling so much better the next day. No response.
 At work, on Tuesday, 27th Sept
 S saw me and was 'so excited'. Hey! How are you? Blah. It's hard for me to pretend like I don't want to know why she didn't return my text. But I tried. For a bit. Then when I went to my first class with her around midday, I asked if she got my text. Without hesitation, she told me she had but it was too late. I don't know what she was talking about because I sent her the text around 8am. She told me that her battery had died and she only could read the text when she got home. Which is strange because at 8am, she should've still been home. She doesn't live far from work and school starts at 9. Oh and she didn't have airtime to text back.
 Here's the thing, I told Y that I cought the flu from S. And them being Georgian, have to share everything. I bet you Y told S that piece of information. Which was neither a secret nor a lie. However, I'm not sure about the context in which she told her. I mean, a flu is a flu is a flu. Someone has it, and you work closely with them, you're likely to catch it. That's it! If they want to take it personally, they can go fly a kite as far as I'm concerned.
 I had a 3day week, whereby my first day was Tuesday, I had a 9 o clock, when I got to work, I couldn't find my co-teacher, Y. I called and texted her to no avail. I asked around, none of the other teachers seemed to know where she was. I decided to go to the ATM. Someone told me it was just up the road. They walked me there.   A nice lady, who speaks some English. We walked for ten minutes. Which is not just up the road to me but to each his own. When were got there, it was 9:20 and the bank was still closed. Good thing, I just needed the ATM. There was none in sight. I asked the lady to ask the people in the bank if they have an ATM. She came back saying the back is closed and that we had to wait another ten minutes for when it's open to ask if there's an ATM. Preposterous! I thanked her for walking me there and told her I'd go to the other bank, which was much much further now that I was on the other end of town. I took my time too because my next class was also with Y and I didn't  know where she was. from the second back, which is close to where I live, I felt like I was doing double work walking all the way back to school. I was about ten minutes late for my second class. Y greeted me with a concerned smile. She asked how I was feeling. I wanted to know if she didn't get my text and call. She was like, 'oh you called?' Uhm, no, I called myself, and I want to know if it reflected on your phone!
 She said she never heard the phone. Fair enough, she's not as suspicious as S, so I let it go. She told me her schedule had changed and we no longer have the first class on Tuesdays. She had forgotten to tell me and was sorry. Don't be sorry, just don't do it again! Even though I wanted to, I didn't say that! She assured me that that was the only change to our schedule together.
 Wednesday 28 Sept,
 I had a few classes with S who was in a super good mood. Then a break, in the afternoon, I walked around looking for Y's class, couldn't find her. I called S, no answer, I texted her to see if she knew where Y was, no answer (again!) She finally showed up late. I've a weird feeling, things are going to be interesting between S and I.
 Thursday, 29th Sept
 I only had two classes, one at 2:45 and one at 4:30. I stayed in bed, watching the rest of Millionaire Matchmaker and Sex Rehab with Dr Drew. (That's the name of the show, I didn't watch the shows with a Dr!). I got a call from my third co-teacher, I, whom I kind of like. I'm not sure why, but there's a certain innocence about her. She told me her schedule had changed and we'd no longer have the 4:30 on Thursday, which meant I only had on class that day. Which I intend to shift and have 4 day weekends.
 After school, I went for a walk around town, and back home. I hadn't seen my host mom in 2days or so. Which was long for someone who used to budge in and out of my room as as she pleased. She hadn't done that in 2days. And (touch wood), lately, she doesn't even budge anymore. She knocks. And waits for a response. Touch wood again!
 I paid for rent and she just took the money and walked away. No acknowledgment, no eye contact, no thanks, nothing. Later on, when I went to drink some water in the kitchen, she gave me a huge (fake) hug. Awkward!
 I got a call from head office inviting me to an excursion which would take place Saturday morning. I totally accepted!
 Friday, 30 Sept
 I stayed in the entire day, watching The Bachelorette, Ashley's Season 7. I still can't believe that dude Bentley! I thought he was being funny and sarcastic! How rude and disrespectful! It's a very interesting season, I couldn't get myself to watch Ali's season because I saw her with her guy on Brad's season.  Not only that, I saw the first episode and it was obvious she liked that guy, so knowing that and the fact that she did pick him in the end defeated the point of watching. I just watched the men tell all for the bloopers, that's it!
 I must have watched, gees! I don't know! So many hours of that show on Friday, I really need to get out of the house more. I'm in Batumi for goodness sake! My favourite city in Georgia!

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