Thursday, October 06, 2011

This is why I'm in a bad mood!

I've only got 2classes today, one is with a teacher I only started working with yesterday.
 I got to school on time for a change, then to the fun part of searching for the class. Up and down, and up and down. Five minutes, nothing! I went to the stuff room, I asked the two teachers I found in there. They told me 'she's not here!'. really? I thought one of you had her in her bag!
  I called her, 'the number you dialled is not available!'. I went door to door to the classes. I tried to be quiet, but when the students heard the door, they'd all turn around, stand up and go 'good afternoon!' Or 'hello!' With such enthusiasm, that I had to stop, greet back and then walk away.
 I walked into one of my co-teacher's classes, Y. She told me to 'please come in!'. Of course, that was not a visit, I was looking for someone. And was running late. I just asked here where L was and that I couldn't get hold of her on her cell. She told me I could use her phone to call her. Even though I just told her I couldn't reach her. So as usual, I repeated myself. She said 'oh!', reached for her phone and called L. Yeah! I know! It so happened that she had a wrong number for L. She suggested I go to the principal, she would know where L was. On my way up the stairs, Y asked me why I was in a bad mood. Apparently, something about that situation was supposed to make me very happy, and she didn't understand why I didn't get it!
 Principal, offered me a chair, she seemed to have been in a meeting with two other teachers. The male teacher offered me a sweet, which I politely refused. He kept nagging, took the whole side plate full of sweets and forced it to me, almost sticking them into my handbag. I was busy typing something on my phone. I kept sayin 'Ar minda!' Which means, I don't want them. I know it sounds impolite, but that's what they say when they don't want something. It works amongst each other, but obviously not in my case! He begged me to at least take one. And because he wanted me to take a sweety so badly, I refused! They had to stop him because, he was so out of control! I mean, dude! This is not even your office! Why are you so desperate to offer me someone else's sweets?
 The principal asked me what I eat back home in South Africa. I asked her where L was, by then, I was really late for class. She continued to ask me about what my favourite food is in Georgia. First she aske me if I like Georgian food. I told them not so much. I was too pissed to be polite. Then, 'ok, uhm, khachapuri?' No, I don't like it? They listed Georgian food individually for me to state whether or not I liked it. Most of which I don't like. Then I had to name South African food. Mind you, none of the people in the room speak English. I don't really speak Georgian. So this was really fun! Especially considering I didn't even understand why we were doing this instead of finding L and shipping me off to class where I needed to be.
 I kept reminding them that I needed to be in class. They told me not to worry, L would come find me. Okay, you're the boss!
 Finally, the principal called somebody who told us where L was. She took me to the stairs and pointed to the first door. That's where L was hiding all along!  Yay! NOT! I walked down the stairs, as I was heading for the first door, the cleaning lady, told me L was in the second room. Why didn't I ask her when I first arrived because she's the first person I saw when I arrived for class. Anyway, atleast, it's over now. NOT! I bravely opened the door, all to find a different teacher. That was not the class! That teacher kindly invited me to go in. I couldn't! I was running out of time! She pointed me to the 1st door where L was. Finalllllllyyyy!
 When I got there, I was really not in the mood! Fortunately, the kids were cute and when told to repeat after the teacher would repeat everything she said, even when she wasn't talking to them.
  Ten minutes later, class was over!

It's my late brother's birthday! R.I.P. Big, we'll NEVER forget you!

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