Friday, December 09, 2011

My Anger induced Panic Attack!

It looks like the dodgy adapter I got from my new host family damaged my blackberry charger. Yesterday, before I went to school, for my one and only class, it still worked. I thought I’d get a new one and replace it either because I didn’t want it to damage my lifeline to the real world AKA my blackberry. The wires were sticking out. It looked dangerous.
I was an hour early for school, so I quickly went to That huge electronics store and they didn’t have a blackberry charger. Oh well, at least they played nice music. David Gray – This year’s love.

I bought sellotape (sticky tape), and thought I’d try to fix the wires myself. It can’t be that hard, right? Wrong! When I was done with it, it wouldn’t work at all! Oh well, it could’ve been worse! My phone coud’ve exploded or something. I made peace with the fact that I had lost my charger and tried to charge it using the USB cable I nought in Tbilisi, that didn’t work either. I kept getting reset errors, the phone would die, Oh my word was it frustrating! I couldn’t put my SIM card on the work phone, but I was not about to do that! I watched Wipe Out (or something) on the PC and went to sleep.

This morning, I watched Better off Ted and forced myself to come to Batumi and buy myself a charger. And here’s how that went:
I found a small little cellphone shop, near the marshrutka station(taxi rank). There was a Georgian lady behind the counter, I greeted her and asked if she spoke English. She doesn’t. I told her I wanted a charger. She showed me one for GEL7 (R28 – obviously Fong Kong) and one for GEL3 (R12 more of an FK than the above). We tested them both. The much cheaper one, wasn’t working. I asked her to charge my phone while she showed me their earphones. For some reason, my earphones won’t work, the iPod ones And the phone ones. They won’t work on either the iPod or the phone! Sometimes they work karaoke style, just the instrumental, no voice. Where were they when I wanted karaoke in Joburg? Anyway, I saw some cute pink and white ear phones for GEL 15 (R60) and GEL12 (R48). The 15 Lari ones were weird, and the 12 sounded great! I took those ones! I need them to block out all the zangi sayers and the rest of the crap I don’t need to hear! I know now how come I never heard the word Zangi until I got to Batumi: It’s because I always had my earphones on the entire time I was in Akhaltsikhe! Anyway, I bought the 12Lari Pink and white ear phones that match my phone as well as the 7 Lari charger. I noticed that, suddenly the shop was packed with random guys talking about me. The shop owner who may or may not have been Chinese, (he looked half Georgian/half Chinese) uttered something and all the guys laughed. First he asked the lady that was helping me what I wanted, she said she didn’t know. Then the joke and loud laughter. I paid for my items, thanked the lady and left.

As soon as I got outside, I tested my ear phones again. They worked on and off, if  I so much as moved or shook my phone, they would stop working. I made a quick U-turn back to the store. They did tell me that their stuff didn’t have  any guarantee. But we all know no guarantee means at least 7days or 1month guarantee right? You can’t sell someone garbage and boast that your store has a no guarantee policy. It doesn’t work that way! Back at the store, some of the guys that came in while I was still there were still there. I told the lady that doesn’t English that her ear phones are faulty (in English) and that I wanted my money back. She asked for my phone, to test them, when she saw that they indeed were faulty, she kept forcing them in and out, I was like, excuse me, can I have my phone back! She said, erti tstuti (one minute). I was like, no, mam, they are not working, can I please have my money back?

She told me to take me something else, I told her I wanted my money. She told me that they don’t refund cash, I had to take something else. Seriously! I just left your store a minute ago, and you’re going to act like you don’t know me, no, I want my money! She told me my phone is faulty, there’s nothing wrong with the ear phones. SOOO! SO WHAT? Say the problem is with my phone, that means I can’t use your earphones, therefore, take them back, and give me my money! Some random dude, came out of nowhere and tried to explain that they had already rung the sale and for that reason they couldn’t refund me. I gave them their receipt back and asked for my money. She ignored me, and starting packing up the shelves. I stood there for what seemed like forever. Fuming! I literally was about to throw up my insides, I was so angry! EXCUSE ME! I DON’T HAVE ALL DAY, TAKE YOUR EARPHONES, AND FOR THAT MATTER, TAKE YOUR CHARGER TOO AND GIVE ME MY MONEY BACK!
She ignored me. That made me want to DIE!
UUUggghhhhhh! I went ballistic! I banged on the counter, told them to take this crap, give me my money or I would call the police! Police sounds the same in English and in Georgian. Then I cursed them in all the curse words I know, English, Xhosa, Afrikaans! I just wouldn’t stop, I was soooooo piiiisssseeedddd off! I said a lot of the F word too, obviously!  I know they know that word. I think she she may have cursed me too, just once! I didn’t care, That’s when I started pouring them out in Xhosa. If you know me, you will know that I don’t even curse. I will say the F word when I am really angry, but that’s it! She wouldn’t take the charger back, she took the earphones, took out my 12 Lari and threw it on the counter. There was  an adaptor and a universal cellphone battery charger on it, it looked like they were battling to charge the battery, because they kept checking it and fixing it’s position on the charger. After she threw me my money, the coin fell in the adapter, I took my money and my charger, grabbed the adapter threw it with the cellphone batter and the charger on it as hard as I could on the floor. I opened the door and banged it on the glass shelf inside,showed them the middle finger and walked away. I WAS SO ANGRY!
I can easily say that was the most pissed off I have been in the 6months I have been here.

As I was walking away, I was shaking! I called my friends, 3 didn’t answer, one dropped the call, one asked me to call her back so I just talked to myself.  I didn’t care! They think I am an animal anyway!

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