Thursday, December 01, 2011

My new Host Family

So my regional rep, with the help of my school director (principal), found me a temporary home. Just for until I go on my christmas break. It's 30mins outside Batumi, right by the Turkish boarder. I have to commute to work. Bus fare is 80 tetri (R3.20) to and fro).
the rep called me Friday night, she told me she found me a nice home with air conditioning, she also asked for a heater for me, just in case. they have hot water, 24/7 so that issue was covered as well.

I've an 11yr  host brother who goes to my school but not to any of my classes, a 17 year old host sister, a host mom and dad. So far, I think my host dad's (like all host dad's) nice, happy, and wants to make sure I'm comfortable in their home. The brother's just too cute. He has a permanent smile on his face. Host mom and sister, I haven't figured them out. Host sister stares at me ALL THE TIME. English speakers always say that Georgians stare because they're interested in us and don't speak English and therefore all they can do is stare? My host sister speaks English! She always sits at an angle where she'll have full view of me and will stare at me until I leave the room. When the family or myself, need her to translate, she'll say 'ar vitsi' (I don't know). For instance, if I say, 'ask your brother where he was yesterday at 6, we had an English lesson'. She's say, 'yes'. That's it. Or if the family' asking something about me, which they know she doesn't know because they all don't know me. Instead of asking me, she will tell them she doesn't know. So there's hardly any communication between the family and I.  We do try though. I use the call a friend card and ask Lo to translate or talk to them.
This is a guest house but because it's off season, there's no business. I think that's why they can host me temporarily. It's a 4 storey house. They're still building it. It's new and damp and therefore VERY COLD and it's on the mountain. Right by the sea. Again, very cold. Nice view, but cold!

Turkish border gate on the left and the Black sea on the background.

 I've my own entrance to my room, and own bathroom. GOLD!

that's me in the mirror:)

 No more Georgian poo sightings. At least for 3weeks.
So far, I've been fed. I've to go to the main house for meals, but they've called me since I've been here. Don't know how longs that's going to last for. Yesterday, I got home at 7:30. I was on the phone, I had to let my friend go so I could go have dinner. Either there was nobody in the house or everyone was already asleep. It was dark. I wasn't about to go make myself something to eat in someone's house. First find the lights switch, then stumble my way to the kitchen to find the kitchen switch and then look for food. I haven't been to their kitchen and they haven't told me to prepare own meals. Usually, they tell you.
I toyed with the idea of going to the shops to buy something and I was like, in this cold? Heck no!
I did hear voices and foot steps around 10pm. Maybe the family was out.
Can I just add that, it's very very cold here? I've a small heater. I mean small.

 Host dad has asked me if my room's warm enough, (I think that's what he meant). I told him nope. He asked if I don't have a heater, I told him I do but it's too small. It really is small. Believe me. Then I heard the nice cousin, that was here for the weekend, say something that sounded like they should give me the bigger heater. That was it. No comment.
Needless to say, contrary to what the rep had told me before my move, there is no air conditioner in this house. And my bathroom water is almost luke warm, if that's possible. My first day here, someone had to heat up a wood gyser for me and I used a random bathroom, somewhere random. They also told me that there is no hot water in the mornings, I'd have to shour at night, go to bed clean and ....well, that's it!
I opted to just familiarise myself with my luke warm shower.

I asked the family for an extension chord. I got one for 3 plugs or whatever those things are called. Perfect! Turns out the one in the middle's damaged, and burnt. So, we're down to 2. Still better than one, I can connect laptop and hard drive. Uhm, when you plug something in, you hear a shhhh sound because the thing's burning the metal in your plug, then it kicks in. So everytime you use it, you have to hold thums, pray, think positively, or do whatever It is you believe in.

Yesterday morning, I heard the shhhh sound on the wall socket where the actual chord's plugged in. That's right above my bed. I was like fffccckkkk! I gotta take this out, QUICK! I pulled it out. HARD! Nah, won't come out, oh craaapp! Should I be using my hand! Heck yeah, there's no other way, I did it! Then I folded the chord up and gave it back to my host mom on my way to work. The thing with their wall sockets is, they don't have on and off switches. You plug your thing in, and you're ready to go!
Two days ago, not too long after the cousin had suggested I get the bigger heater after my host dad asked if I'm cold here, the host sister came into my room. Headed straight for my heater. I was like yaaayyy! She disconnected it, I went in the bathroom, when I came back to watch the rest of the movie,  she was gone and the heater was still here. The chord was gone and the computer had been disconnected and had subsequently shut down. I plugged the pc on the wall and had to figure out where I'd stopped with the movie.
She brought it back about ten mins later and said, sorry. I think someone told her to say so.
aaand my bed(s)
My co to teacher asked if I like it here. I told her it's ok. I mean, I don't know these people and they don't know me yet. She went ahead and told the director that I'm in love with this place and the family and I want to stay here until my contract ends next year.
I'm not sure how I feel about all that.

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