Wednesday, January 04, 2012

My New Boyfriend

Wednesday,14th Dec.
One of D's many guy friends called, asked to speak to me. Yeah, to me and we don't even know each other. Very fresh of him! He told me he missed me and couldn't wait to see me. Did I mention we didn't know each other from a tin of paint? To stay up and wait for him. D seemed excited that this dude was coming over to meet me. I was ready to call it a day. 3 hours later, dude called again, this was about 10 pm or so. He'd just got off the bus. D told her I was up waiting for him. She told him I wanted him to buy me a slab of chocolate. She described her favourite chocolate. He was like, what else? Beer? She told him, no,and asked me what I wanted to drink. I told them I was ok. She was like, come on! I told them, ok, fruit juice!
There's something about fruit juice that confuses people so much. First of all, they don't get why a grown up would want fruit juice instead of... I don't know.... Beer? Secondly, they never know if you want fruit flavoured carbonated drinks or 6 % fruit juice.
For some reason, they just never get it right! It doesn't matter if you clarify and say 100 % fruit juice. Rest assured that is NOT what you're getting! Unless you're at a restaurant and are going to pay for it yourself. if someone else orders it for you and THEY are paying, FORGET IT!

Anyway, D told me a bit about him. He's a 'businessman' from West Africa, he's looking for a 'good' woman. He lives with a woman, but that woman,blah blah blah, I won't get into it here. I wasn't interested. For obvious reasons. I told him to be realistic. Besides the fact that he's taken, I  was leaving the country in a few hours. He told me to stay. Two more months. For him. I was like, you must be joking, after everything I've been through, all the drama, just to get a ticket out of this place you want me to stay. FOR YOU! 'What if I said I'd buy you another ticket? First class? What if I said I'd send you on vacation in Thailand?' Psshhhhh what it if I said no thanks?

It was freezing that night, I was sitting on a one sitter couch, with a huge blanket over me, in front of the heater. He told me to sit on his couch and that he'd warm me up. Eerrrr, nah thanks! I got bored. I got on my blackberry and occupied myself. He was like, 'you're not even drinking the juice I brought you'. He brought 2 slabs of really nice chocolate. He did figure out that my friend wanted the chocolate, not me. Oh and of course, he brought us Fanta Orange. That was my fruit juice. I'm not a fan of carbonated drinks. I had to be polite and have a bit of that.

D kept pushing that I sit next to this random, rich, businessman, dude. Oh he's well travelled, he's been to 42 countries. Blah blah blah. He wanted me to go home with him that very night. I asked him what would happen to the woman he lives with. He told me he'd already booked a hotel for us. I don't know when and why? I didn't believe him anyway. I was tired and really wanted to sleep. I didn't want to sleep on the plane. I wanted to be wide awake when I left Georgia. That was the moment I'd been looking forward to for a very long time. I wasn't going to let anyone ruin it for me!

I asked to be excused when he said, 'I came to see you and you want to leave me here? Are you chasing me away?'. I was like seriously dude? We don't know each other and I've plans. I really need to sleep. It was around 1am. I didn't know where I was sleeping. D had told me I could crash on the couch. We were at her new man's place, not her old place where she had a spare bed. Her guy was nowhere to be seen. Apparently he was at the office. It had been 48 hours since he was last home. Some guys are serious about their jobs.

I told D I needed to sleep, she knew my plans, she knew what I'd gone through, she knew everything. And I thought she knew I wasn't looking for a one night stand. Wrong! She told me she was tired. I could go to the hotel with the business man if I wished or we could sleep together in the lounge. WHAT? Who are you and what have you done to my friend?

Eventually, the guy got that I wasn't doing anything with him, I wasny going to sit next to him, hold his hand, dance with him DANCE with him, go out with him, or sleep on the floor with him. He got pissed off. He got mad that I wasted his time and led him on, I didn't care. I felt unsafe. I hoped that nobody would sneak any illegal substances in my luggage. He asked me to walk him out. I refused. He left, I slept in D's bed because her man didn't come home.

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